Pontiac G6 Coupe

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It certainly looks good, somewhat similar to Scion tC. It also has juicy interior. Did anyone see/drive it? Post your impressions and thoughts here.


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    I have yet to see one in person but I plan on changing that this weekend. From what Ive seen from Pontiacs website, it looks really cool. My only concern is its quality. My brother is a service technician for a local Pontiac/Buick/GMC dealership. He is always telling me about all of the problems they have seen with the already existing G6 sedan. Yesterday when I asked him if they have gotten any of the new coupes in, he said yes they have at least one. And the reason he knows this is because he saw it in the service area being worked on already and it hasnt even made it out to the lot to be sold yet. Im sure my interest in this car will not go any further than just looking at it. :(
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    GM was the highest automaker in terms of long term quality and is consistantly earning more and more points in initial quality as the gap bet. american and Japanese cars in that area is for all practical porposes G-O-N-E.

    The Malibu i think also scored good in quality, the new 2004 one i mean. The g6 is architeturally based on that car, so it should be screwed together just as well.

    Also, since this is its second year, i imagine that many of the bugs are bieng worked out. Every car has first year bugs, but the g6's only realy problems i hear abot are with the steering, something about a left turn going bad. I don't see any reason GM would not fix this issue.

    The coupe should be awesome, and it puts its sights squarly on the accord which imo is its only real competitor since the solara is too big, tiburon too cheap and mustang too powerful and rear-drive.

    someone back in the sedan thread did buy one. WE NEED HIM TO COME HERE! :)
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    I was in the dealer for service on the Canyon and they had a black G6 coupe w/3.9l V6 in the showroom. Every bit as good looking as the Solara, or better - ought to be a good seller. It is the first coupe in many years that shares a family with the sedan; that GM has designed the coupe to be unique in its own right. With the 3.9l it ought to be a lot of fun. I was impressed.
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    Where can I find out about the new G6 convertible?
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    is going to be delayed...

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    I actually have a 2006 Pontiac G6 coupe on order (in electric blue). They are going to have the exact one I want within 2 weeks, which is good turn around time. I have never driven a Pontiac, but my dad swears by their sturdy feeling and strong track record for being reliable and great cars.

    I test drove the coupe last week and was extremely impressed by the ride and handling. I drive a Jeep Cherokee right now, and it feels like a kids toy compared to the new coupe. Many options come standard on both models (fog lights, monsoon stereo, day time lights) so it is a good buy. Very affordable and most definitely a nicer car than the Accord coupe. :)
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    I really don't care about all of GM, but this is less than stellar:

    http://www.edmunds.com/new/2006/pontiac/g6/100533506/ratings_jdpower.html?tid=edmunds.n.ra- tings.ratingsbody..5.Pontiac*

    So far the G6 is selling about half of what the Grand Am it replaced did. They better hope that coupe sells really well. I read that the convertible is delayed.
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    While it is less than stellar it is also better than most.

    Also, remember that The G6 did not have the 4cyl when it came out, and was overpriced. Now they both have the 4 cyl and they have lowered the price, atleast the 4 cyl model is very affordable, then add in any incentives and you have a very nice car at a very good price.

    The only thing is, i wish they would add some more metallic trin around the dash, like they have in the torrent. It brightens up the cabin. The chrome everyware is very nice, however.

    I think if GM kept the price as is, but offerred there 3.6L 255hp V6 here, the car sales would not need incentives. Its just a more refined engine and more noticable to the driver. I have not driven the GTP, and although it is nice and I understand why they stick with what they got, many people just want DOHC.

    The GTP should be really awesome though. I think GM has a hit on its hands. Give the car somemore time, you will see this year they should sell quite a few G6's.
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    Hasn't that been GM's story for about the last 25 years...coulda, woulda, shoulda?

    "Give the car somemore time, you will see this year they should sell quite a few G6's." Unless you mean 2006, this year is 75% over and the prime selling season (Summer) is definitely over.
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    We will see how they go at the end of year blowouts. The G6 is a good car and the market is responding. How can they not when GM really has it all here. Yes sure the engine could be better, but the fact is the GTP makes 240hp without supercharging.

    Lets see what happens.
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    I drove a 3.9l/auto GTP coupe a few weeks ago and was left fairly impressed. The engine felt really strong just about anywhere in the rev range. I could chirp the tires from a standstill without the traction or stability control nannies sapping all the power. The downside is it is easy to spin a tire in turns. The car could use an LSD for spirited driving. The transmission is a tap-shift and was very eager to perform when in tapshift mode. In regular automatic, shifts were sluggish. That might be because the computer has adaptive logic and simply could not adapt to my driving style in a short testdrive The OHV engine was very smooth and quiet too. For all the talk of how rough and course GM OHV engines are (part of the argument for DOHC) I think it was just as smooth and pleasant as the 3.5L Honda SOHC engine in our Saturn Vue.

    The car rode very smooth and absorbed bumps very well for having the sporty suspension, and summer only 18 inch low profile tires. Body roll was fairly minimal for a car of this size in this class. In turns, you could tell there was some heft to the car, but it tracked predictably and felt confident in turns. I couldn’t really toss it around on the test drive, so these are not at-the-limit impressions.

    My number one complaint with theG6 is those darned high door sills, that make it nearly impossible to rest your arm on them. That complaint goes for half the cars on the road today, the G6 is no better. Rear visibility is not the best either. The rear of the car is fairly high, and the rear seat headrests really eat into rearward visibility.

    I do have a couple quality/feature issues with the car. First, GM needs to get some body colored mirrors onto these. At least the “high end” GTP’s (both coupe and sedan). The flat black, rough plastic mirrors just look cheap on a car priced in the high $20’s. Especially when higher trim level Cobalt’s have the same mirror, but are painted body color. Second complaint is the paint. Is it just me, or do the G6’s have some of the worst orange peel on any production car today?

    Overall I liked it. I really like the styling of it both in and out, initial build quality seemed very good, and the driving experience was entertaining. I think anyone looking for a mid size coupe in this class should give one a look anyway.
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    with the two tone black/beige interrior? I think this is one of the best two tone schemes in the industry for a coupe. They should mimick this on the sedan which they do not do completely.

    One thing that turns off people is the milege. The problem is the OHV engines respond differently to the same tests as do DOHC engines. Many people compain about the milege in the nissan 3.5L V6 that it is below the window stickers. At least with this car you know you will get what the sticker tells you.

    It still does not change the fact that many people will see the sticker and have it influence them into the wrong descision. Wrong because they would omit this car for a reason that is in reality not true.
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    Nope, I drove the solid grey interior car. I haven't seen a two-tone on a lot, only pictuers. I agree that it does look sharp in two tone.

    I am sure the 3.9L engine will take a lot of flack for it's 18 MPG epa city rating. That is a little low for 240 HP IMO when you just take it on the face of the rating. However, I have a feeling it is a byproduct of fairly aggressive gearing. The car does take off at the slightest stab of the throttle. It is certainly geared agressively for acceleration, and that will definately use more gas. I also agree that the EPA test can be very misleading, more so in some cars than others. Unfortunately, it is still the comparative standard, so those are the figures people will use.

    It'll be interesting to see how that pays off in acceleration times. I know Pontiac is claiming a 0-60 in 6.6 seconds. I have yet to see any independent test times, either by the press or anecdotal from an owner.
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    The G6 coupes are nice!!

    Saw 3 of them, one a GTP. One of the nicest coupes on the market IMO. If only I didn't have kids.

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    FINALLY!!! A frameless window coupe from GM that is front wheel drive and affordable. THANK YOU!!! I suppose it is asking too much for a true hard top with no center post.
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    I was interested but ultimately bored by the initial relase of the G6. Decent car, a step in the right direction, but missing some things I wanted. Styling was decent but not quite there, too.

    We wound up getting an '06 BMW 325i.

    Now our '03 Saab 9-3, which is built on the same Epsilon platform as the G6, is getting near 60K miles and we may need a replacement (have to have super reliability in our special circumstances) since the Saab's overly complex electronics are starting to act up some. The car is solid, it just has electrical issues. I was hoping a G6, not having many of the fancy gadgets of the Saab, would be more reliable.

    When I saw the G6 coupe it got my attention. When I saw the added features of the GTP version (mainly stability control and some serious power) I started investigating. I'm impressed with what you get in a G6 GTP coupe for the money. I've driven camrys, accords, Mazda 6, and it blows those away in most areas. The Mazda 6 is a decent ride, but the styling inside and out and lack of structural quality had me worried. The real world price of the G6 is less, so you can put the difference into a 100K warranty if you want.

    As for the fuel economy on the 3.9 engine. I assume it uses regular fuel? If so, that puts it up there with the near-lux cars that require premium. Our 325i is considered an efficient car. I get 21 city and just over 30 highway. The GTP is close to those numbers adjusted for fuel prices.

    The GTP needs a 5 gear transmission, but it uses brute power to make up for it.
    The BMW uses a 6 speed auto to get the most out of its modest hp/torque. It hits 60mph in 7.2 seconds with an auto, though Car and Driver claims 6.1 with a manual. It feels fast because it is always in the meat of the powerband and the engine really revs up there smoothly. Looking forward to trying the 3.9L engine and see if it's smoother than most GM engines of the past.

    I don't put a lot of stock in JD power. I have filled out one of their surveys. They are insanely long and complex, and I doubt your typical owner will bother with it. So you get a skewed sampling. Only certain types of personalities would take the time.

    I prefer the two tone interior colors to the black. GM's black leather is a little grayish and the interior a little drab. The Saab has a similar look with the beige seats.

    For a driveout price of maybe $25,500 if you're easy on the options, this car is hard to beat. No, it's not perfect. But for $10,000 less, it will handle decently and outpace or at least hang with our other car. It's not as durable or long lasting maybe, but when it breaks it costs half as much to fix. I has the safety features and scores I want, and I like the looks. Consider me a fan of the GTP coupe.
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    There is no doubt that G6 is better than its competition. It is tight as a drum with a very firm frame. The styling is beautiful. I was going to buy a GTP but I couldn't find any with the discount so I bought the Grand Prix GXP. The GXP is super fast and fun, but it's not as good a car as the G6. I then found out that there might be a G6 GXP next year. This is great news for me b/c I use high mileage on my business and will probably trade in the next 14 months. G6 GXP with 280 hp will be awesome! The foreign cars are nice, but the G6 and Dodge Charger prove that if people pick foreign over American, their just being brainwashed by advertising and media.
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    Dogde is not American.

    Crysler was stolen by Dymler in a big purchase that was labelled a merger of equals. Crysler and its brands are now a German company.

    I totally agree with you, though. The real differnce between our cars and foreign cars like crysler and toyota (never thought you could use those names like that :( ) is academic. GM is better than crysler for sure, and chevy i think is higher than toyota.

    The G6 is a really nice car, just took a while to get used to. Still, I think GM could have done better. They did make up for it with the coupe. That new V6 should be nice. I love all the chrome inside. They need nav and HID's now, meybe even Xenon?

    Hopefully GM will put that new 6 speed transmission here, it would improve the milage and the performance.
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    Finally saw a G6 coupe on the road. It's very sharp in black and definitely a head turner. Nice car!!
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    Hey I just bought the black GT Coupe.......AWESOME!
    I was the first one to buy one at my nearest dealer in the Hollywood area of California. I get stopped by people who want to know if it is really an American car. Some people think the back end resembles the Z or G35 because of the slant. The car handles amazing to me. I have driven my dad's Mercedes and I love this car so much better....of course he just has a mid level mercedes...not sure what the exact number is... think it starts with E. Anyhow...I am still under 30 and this is the best car I have ever owned. FAST...SLEEK...AWESOME AWESOME! I was getiing a hand wax in Hollywood on Sunset blvd this past Sunday and even some guy who was getting his 90k BMW sedan waxed wanted to know what my car was. Anyone thinking about getting this car has to go test drive it at a dealer...WOW!
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    Good to hear you are happy with your purchase.

    Three questions:

    What options did you go with?

    Was the dealer dealing or taking a hard line on price?

    Were there any GTPs on the lot? (I've seen a few GTs, no GTPs yet).

    Nice to hear the G6 Coupe is mixing things in the segment up a bit.
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    My G6 does not have two tone so I purchased a black carbon fiber dash kit from
    www.woodtrim.com and it looks great
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    We have had many come through our lot in Davison, Michigan. They are awesome cars. With the plant only about 30 miles away, we get a lot of workers coming in here that have information on the convertibles. They keep the rebates on the cheaper 4 and 6 cyl's. The lease rates are still somewhat high, but the car looks and drives awesome, especially with the slap shift. The adjustable foot pedals is also a great touch.

    Thats my input, if you are interested, you must drive one for sure.
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    Thank you.

    I am and I plan to.

    Day after Thanksgiving when everyone else is flocking to the mall, I will be at the local Pontiac dealer.

    (Who, as it happens, has a Saab dealership under the same roof. I hope to check out the Combi at the same time)
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    Ohh yeah...very happy!!!!!!!!

    I went with the basic options to keep my payment under 600. My payment is high because I am a first time buyer with a not so good interest rate. But.....I really feel like the car is nice enough that it is still way cool without leather and the 6-CD changer. I hook my IPOD into it anyway so the 6-CD changer was easy to go without. However I do regret not having the sunroof since I live in the nicest part of California just outside Beverly Hills off of the sunset strip. Great weather for sunroofs. Oh..well. It has a V6 engine...AC...17" Wheels...elect windows....elect seat height adjust...traction control is awesome (tested it out on wet roads recently)...the interior looks nice with chrome touches even on the basic model...cruise control on my steering wheel buttons....can't think of anything else right now. Things I do miss out on are the upgraded stereo controls on the right side of the steering wheel. But I am sooooo happy!

    Yes there were GTP models on the lot....WOW! they are awesome with on star and satellit radio. However in my opinion, the wheels on the GTP are too fancy looking for the hot sporty look of the car (they don't match). The brushed aluminum on the GT's looks way better...more racer and infiniti like.... and less luxury car like.

    I received a great deal with no hassle. I was the first guy to buy one at the local dealer. It's been a month now. I talk to my dealer still and he says they may have only sold one since then. The commercials just started airing so maybe that will change and they won't bve so negotiable. Until now I think most people only thought about the Solstice. But the G6 Coupe just kinda snuck out from behind all the solstice hype.
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    Oh man. Those first time new car buyers' credit ratings. I bought my first car 14 years ago (Saturn SL2, my niece is still driving it). They really nailed me on the rate.

    This is your big chance though. You played it right keeping the price workable. Make the payments, maybe even pay it off early, and you are on your way to a higher rating and lower interest rates in the future.

    I like the engine and six speed in the GTP. I agree with you on the wheels and the base stereo. Now that I have an I-Pod, I would just as soon leave my CDs at home.

    My last car was a convertible, so I would probably want a sun roof. I could live without one.

    A good friend of mine from college, his wife (and two kids now!), live near Willoughby and Fairfax in West Hollywood. I've been out there to visit a few times. I know exactly what you mean when you say it is the nicest part of California. West LA is a great place to live.
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    Yeah Fairfax right near me...im off Sunset near Beverly Hills...just down the street......I would definitely get sunroof if I could. Also, yeah I am going to continue always making payments on time and even pay off early, Next time I want to get leather. My workout partner loved my car so much when I bought it...now he's buying one too.
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    I saw a new G6 Coupe yesterday and I thought it looked a lot better than the Grand-Am coupes of recent years. Much better fit and finish.
  • exalteddragon1exalteddragon1 Member Posts: 735
    Yeah, personally i never liked the GA or GP coups. I liked then that they were there, but they looked too much like a sedan with its errr you know what chopped off and doors lengthenned. (I think the same for mercedes coupes.)

    This one looks like a real coupe!
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    "I hook my IPOD into it anyway so the 6-CD changer was easy to go without.

    Congrats on your G6...Just curious how you hook up your iPod. I've got a Malibu Maxx with basically the same radio, and it doesn't have an aux input. Are you using one of those gadgets that transmits on some FM channel? If so, are you happy with the sound, or is there significant degradation? Finally, is the gadget iPod specific, or can you hook up any "head phone out" or "line out" to it? Thanks...
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    I love it! :D it handles great, has wonderful power, and nice luxury for the class that it's in. I looked at some of everything out there before I bought it and it by far was the hands down winner. I really do sometimes wish my drive to work was a little further :) I was able to negotiate a great price. You can guarantee get the processing fees and doc fees deducted from the price of the car and other options that you don't want, or if they don't want to take some options off, tell them you'll pay just the invoice price for the option. Do your research, stay confident, and firm and I promise you'll get the price to what you want. If all else fails just walk out of the dealership and it's guaranteed that they will accept your offer or will be calling you back soon. ;) And for all the woman out there, don't be intimidated by the salesman and managers. Even with two managers hassling me and telling me what they COULD'T do, I still come out with the deal I wanted by just staying firm and knowing a few tricks to the game.
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    All G6s have hydroformed steel lower engine cradles.

    pic one

    pic two

    pic three
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    Hey, Glad you got a great deal!

    Tell ua what some of the tricks you used are?

    I know this is not a forum for prices paid and all that, so meybe you can tell us something else, any problems so far?

    One of the things that (in my opinnion) hinder people purchasing this car is fuel economy, particularly the city fuel economy. What do you guys think, would it be ok fo the G6 to get 20mpg city if you loose a half second in acceleration?

    GM should probably change the gearing. Another was to get this fuel economy up would be to lighten the car up a bit. If it was 200 lbs lighter the fuel economy hsould also go up.

    I see the same thing with the G6 and Cobalt, when you look at it from the side, it looks a bit front heavy (i mean the coupe) because of the front overhang. What do you guys think?
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    Hello there,
    I just purchased the G6 coupe in black as well. After just about a week, and one car wash (by hand), I noticed a tremendous amount of surface scratching/swirls on it. I'm wondering if you've had any problems along those lines? The car is actually back at the dealership, as they recommended putting some type of protective polyutherane varnish over it to further protect from sensitive scratching. Would love to hear how your finish is doing now that you've had it for a few months...
    Thanks so much!
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    I recently bought a G6 Coupe in Electric Blue (bright blue)which had this same problem right off the dealer's lot... very fine swirl scratches in the paint surface. I attribute this problem to somebody along the way using a power rotary buffer to polish the car, and bearing down too hard on the surface... easy to do. Fortunately, I was able to remove most of the swirl scratches by hand using Meguiars Polymer Sealant (non abrasive). I made the mistake of buying this car at night and did not see the swirl scratches until later in the daylight. Never will make that mistake again.
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    Thats a nice color. How are you enjoying your car? The coups look pretty good, hell even the tailights are growing on me. The Pics GM released earlier sucked though.

    Did you get a GT or GTP. If you got a GT tell us how you like the sterring, meybe at 2006 GM fixed the small lockup problem.

    This car should get you plenty of looks, though :)

    Any Idea is the G6 will get a Nav system and the 6speed auto any time soon?
  • exalteddragon1exalteddragon1 Member Posts: 735
    G6 improves compared with Grand Am: In contrast to the Pontiac G6's good performance in the frontal test, its predecessor Grand Am was rated poor. When the Institute tested a 1999 model, the driver's survival space wasn't maintained very well, the steering wheel moved up toward the driver, and a high head acceleration occurred when the dummy's head hit the pillar behind the driver seat. Intrusion also contributed to high forces on the dummy's right leg.

    "The performance of the G6 is dramatically better," Lund says. The structure was maintained very well, there was minimal intrusion into the occupant compartment, and most injury measures were low.

    This car is rated acceptable for side impact protection, but only when equipped with optional side curtain airbags designed to protect occupants' heads. All injury measures recorded on the driver dummy were low, but forces recorded on the rear passenger dummy indicated the possibility of rib fractures or internal organ injuries. Without side airbags, the G6 is rated poor in the side test. This car earns the second lowest rating of marginal for rear crash protection.

    here: http://www.leftlanenews.com/2006/03/06/crash-test-results-ford-fusion-disappoint- s-video/
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    I just got a black gtp coupe 6-speed around christmas and i must say it is amazing. i test drove the accord v-6 coupe, the new civic si, a mustang gt, the new wrx, an acura rsx-s, and a couple other random cars/suv's. there was just something about the way the car felt that i really liked. also, the price was right. i got every single box checked except for the onstar for under 26K.

    i dont care what the magazines say about this manual tranny(nobody likes it thus far), i really like it. the shifter is large and a bit heavy feeling so it makes it seem like youre really driving a powerful car. not like the toy-feel of the accord and certainly the cheap feeling civic si.

    also, on the topic of gas mileage, i get BETTER than sticker! when i take it easy in-town i can squeeze 20 out of it, and on the freeway at 65 i get 31.5 sometimes over 32 if the a/c is off.

    all-in-all this car is very well built and feels very solid. i am extremely happy with my pick of this car and would recommend it to anyone! i get tons of looks and when i have my windows down i get random compliments at stoplights. its funny cause ive never really experienced that before. :)
  • exalteddragon1exalteddragon1 Member Posts: 735
    about throttle response, is it too sensetive?

    PS why do you think so many ppl ignore this car? All the specs have it pretty good against its competitors.
  • 72chevelle72chevelle Member Posts: 8
    Coupe popularity in general has been down when compared to sedans. For the G6 specifically, I think the visibility out the rear and rear-side hurts this car. The rear window is narrow and the pillars are large and what space that exists seems to be taken up by the rear headrests.

    I have a camaro which I've always considered to have visibilty issues but they are not as bad as the G6 coupe.
  • martymartmartymart Member Posts: 23
    The rear window is narrow and the pillars are large and what space that exists seems to be taken up by the rear headrests.

    I bought a G6 GT in January and it did not take long for me to release the headrests and throw them in the trunk. It gives a little more visibility, no one has been in the back seat yet and it has been 2 months. Push the backseat forward a little bit and release the headrest. This should help, I tinted out my windows and it would be impossible to see with these still in.
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    I just bought the 06 Accord coupe EX-V6 6MT, and I liked the shifter feel better than the G6. The G6 GTP was a lot lower in price (about $3000 or so in Canada, but a lot of stuff like side curtain airbags are options that are standard on the Accord) and I didn't think it was worth the difference. The interior of the Accord 6MT is nicer in my experience. It seems classier to me, and the manual transmission is much more precise. Plus it blows the doors off the GTP while getting better fuel economy. I get 21mpg if I'm driving hard in the city and just over 31 on the highway. The only G6 that will beat the 6speed manual Accord is the GXP, and I don't see any lying around as of yet.

    Although the 2006 G6 GTP coupe felt like a solid, well put together car, something I can't say for it's sedan counterpart I drove in 2005. It also has fairly nice styling. The front end is better than the Accord's, but the rear the Accord wins, IMO. I prefer the Accord's seats to the G6's, and the ergonomics too. It was the little tactile things like the dash and roof material, and plastics difference that helped along with the Accord for me.
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    but the G6 has a good price advantage over the Accord, and if you load the cars up to be similarly equipped, the G6 still comes out much less. The Power is almost exactly the same, the ride is similar. The G6 GTP should give you better of the line feel (judging from the tourque curve on the GTP) and has 18inch wheels.

    I dunno about the shifter though. Personally i think the G6 GTP Coupe makes the Accord Coupe look like it belongs in a florida retirement home. :P
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    Signed the papers this morning(fri)and will pick it up wednesday on my day off. Msrp $26480. Selling price $25296 minus $750 rebate, -$500 auto show bonus cash, -$500 dealer coupon. Additionally there was $500 trade in assistance for 1999 and newer cars. I traded my 03 grand Am and with the extra 500 and savings on the sales tax I probably got what I would have gotten privately w/out the hassles. Dealer was above Kelly BB to begin with. Now I will be a member of the book of the month club again. Dealer only had one GT with the equipment I wanted; onstar, leather etc. so I didn't want to wait for better offers and then have no car available in the area. Will keep you posted.
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    I just bought an '06 G6 GTP in Red. Got 100 miles on it already and having a lot of fun driving it despite the clunky shifting 6-speed. The car is very solid and has a very confident feeling on the curves.
    Has anyone found a manufacturer of aftermarket performance mods for this vehicle yet? I'm interested in a body kit, short-throw shifter, performance exhaust, and cold air intake for starters. If you know of any suppliers, please let me know.
  • lacrossecxslacrossecxs Member Posts: 12
    Thanks, Fazone! I checked it out and it's a real nice kit. May wait until a few others show up on the market just to be sure it's the one I want. I also was able to locate a ram-air hood that makes the car look a lot like a GTO from the front. My wallet is starting to cry already!
    I have been looking at user car pics on other sites, and see a lot of people are removing the headlight covers and painting the chrome bezels to match the body color. I was wondering how to do that. What kind of prep has to be done to the chromed plastic to make the paint adhere properly? Any clues out there?
  • hillsg6hillsg6 Member Posts: 10
    I bought my new '06 g6 coupe GT in silver, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. An option you don't hear much about but really adds to the look of the car is a dealership-installed spoiler. The dealership I went to had about three g6 coupes in stock with a slightly elevated spoiler (not the factory lip spoiler), and I fell in love with the look that it gives the car. Plus, the chrome tires with the silver exterior make it a beautiful car! Because of a lot of the reviews I had read, I was worried about the rear visibility of the car, but once you get used to looking in certain places its no different than getting used to any other car's "blind spots." Definitely a price worth paying for the HUGE back seat (I had two 6ft. tall guys in there yesterday!) and nice lines of the car. I've already put about 200 miles on it and loved testing out the manual shift mode; it's a lot of fun and it definitely does help with getting slightly better gas mileage (about 22 mpg brand new/all city driving).

    I also love the looks people give me in the car. I haven't seen any g6's that look at all like mine (with the spoiler) and I've already had several people pull up to me and ask me what exactly I'm driving. I can see the resemblance that people claim to the Solara; however, I think that with the spoiler it looks almost like a cross between an Infinity G35 and a Solara, with a better-looking front and interior. I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking for an unusual, practical but sporty car!
  • pr0gr4mpr0gr4m Member Posts: 1
    I had a '97 Dodge Avenger that I ran into the ground. It finally gave out on me last week. So had to get a new car. I liked the G6 but did not want a sedan. I didn't even know the g6 coupe existed until last Thursday. A co-worker told me they made a coupe so I went to the local dealership to test one out. The 3 that they had on the lot all had dead batteries. So I hit another dealer and they had a much wider selection (about a dozen or so) and I found one that had everything I wanted and more. I bought it right then and there.

    The only thing I didn't really want was a sunroof, but the one that had the options I wanted had a sunroof. I love the look and the ride of this car. I got the automatic after reading about the "clunky" 6 speed. I really love the car. The visibility thing is not an issue for me as the Avenger had crappy visibility too. So I'm used to it.

    I have a couple questions.
    My radio sounds yukkie. I got the 6 disc changer Monsoon system with XM but I can not for the life of me get a good sound out of it. For the radio I have to turn the bass way down and then for CD's I have to boost it back up. In general the system sounds very midrangy to me.

    Are there aftermarket radios that have the full system integration (the info and menu and programming stuff) built in to them so I don't loose those features if I want to upgrade?

    Do you think that just a simple speaker upgrade would improve the sound?
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