2017 Options - Jeep Wrangler tops

jackstraw1965jackstraw1965 Member Posts: 8
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I was pricing a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited on Edmunds. You can either get the premium soft top for 595 or the Black Hard Top for 995. There is also Dual Top which gives you both for 2185. Don't understand why it's additional 595. Is there something extra you receive ? Are theses options available after market ?


  • baker3311baker3311 Member Posts: 1
    The dual top is known as the freedom top. It gives you the freedom to remove the top over the driver and front passenger's heads while leaving the back hard top on. You can even drive it with just the driver's top off. It's a great option, but beware getting stuck in traffic since with the back part of the hard top in place, there is not as much air circulation like in a true convertible and the sun will beat down on you.
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