2003 Ford Expedition 4x4 hi working or not

eagleone96eagleone96 Member Posts: 1
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I am looking at a 2003 EB expedition when I switch it from 2wd to Awd I can tell it's in awd when I switch it to 4 low I can tell it's in 4 low plus the light comes on on the dash but when I switch to 4 high no lights come in on the dash but I had it in 6" of snow so I can tell the 4wd was working just wondering why the light didn't iluminate and is there a difference between auto 4x4 and 4 hi?


  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Member Posts: 339
    How can you tell it is in A4WD? That's A4WD drive by the way, not AWD. A4WD is normally 2WD unless wheel spin is detected and then it engages 4Hi until there is no longer any spin.
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