99 Impreza Rusted Rocker Panel Safe?

greenagate99greenagate99 Member Posts: 40
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So my 1999 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport (96K miles) is rusted horribly on the passenger side. The rocker panel is almost non-existent when I lie down next to the car to look underneath. Two fist-sized holes are visible from the side, even from a distance. I can see supports or something inside the hole by the front passenger door, but the back one seems to be a pile of rust. The rocker panel is fairly fragile in spots, breaking off easily with light touches. I've had this car for six years (almost), and may be getting a newer (used) car after I graduate college. My mom says yes to a new car, but my dad isn't giving clear answers. My concern with the rocker panel is whether or not it is safe. My dad took it to get the oil changed, and as far as I know, the only concern was the battery which they said is starting to weaken. We don't have the tools to be able to weld or cut the panel out. Will the car get me through the next couple months until I graduate, or should I start looking for a newer used car?
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