2008 Torrent - Service traction

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Same problem! Mines an '08 Pontiac Torrent GXP. Along with abs light coming on at same time. I know my brakes and rotors are good because I just had them all replaced recently! What's the deal GM? Sounds like several people are having the same issue! Oh and just FYI I had hit a deer in the the past with my front end and since I drive a GXP it took them 6 months to find me a hood replacement! Crazy!


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    I am guessing you wanted to add this post to an existing topic, but anyway if your are seeing the service traction and ABS lights (and ONLY them) it could be a wheel speed sensor or wiring to one of them. It would not be unusual for a 9 year old vehicle to have this kind of issue.
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    I'd start by checking the wheel bearings. A worn wheel bearing can allow a little play in the bearing that fools the sensor teeth into thinking there's erratic movement of the wheel speed because of the shift internally within the bearing.

    There should be a code set for a reader capable of ABS code reading.

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