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Cavalier does nothing

lynnellis77lynnellis77 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2017 in Chevrolet
I have a 98 z24 2.4 liter Cavalier. went to work with car running fine. went to leave and nothing comes on. there are no lights no dash lights no noise no windows. key fob doesn't work can't unlock the doors or open the trunk. please help any ideas???


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    imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,183
    Check wiring from battery to the fuse/breaker box for a connection that looks good but doesn't make contact. Loosen connections and retighten.

    That also could happen if the battery was completely drained.

    What happened when a jumper box or cables were used to try to start the car.

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    lynnellis77lynnellis77 Member Posts: 3
    the battery is fully charged 13.9 volts. the connections fuses and relays have all been checked. there is a Clifford security system on it we think it is after market. could this be the peoblem or perhaps the computer?  nothing comes on and we can't even use the keychain thing
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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,755
    13.9v ? Normal battery voltage, fully charged is between 12.6 and 12.7. Right after charging a battery can display a surface charge around 13.1v but that should drop within an hour or two down to the actual charge voltage.

    When you say that nothing comes on, does that mean you don't have headlights or even brake lights, or are only switched power items are inoperative?

    If systems work that don't rely on ignition switch power then you can start your testing at the fuse block in the left end of the dash. If nothing at all works, then you should start at the under-hood fuse block.

    On the left end of the dash fuses that operate the headlights and brake lights should be hot all of the time. If they are not getting power then you are headed from there back towards the under hood fuse block and battery. Fuses that operate the wipers, radio, power windows, AC/Heater, ignition, turn/back-ups, airbag system, and fuel pump
    should all get power when you turn the key on. If they aren't getting power and the fuses that aren't switched are, then you are headed towards the ignition switch and from there back towards the under hood fuse block.

    As far as the alarm causing this, it's possible especially depending on how it was installed. The best part is that it is easy to prove whether that is the case or not. For the moment forget about the alarm being in the car. Test for where you have power under specific conditions and where you don't. Then let the failed circuit once identified lead you to where it failed and you can do that by just measuring where voltage is present when the key is on and where it isn't.
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    lynnellis77lynnellis77 Member Posts: 3
    there is no power whatsoever.  no lights no dash lights nothing.
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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,755
    With everything turned off.
    Measure voltage between the battery posts. You got______________?

    Now turn on the leadlight and ignition switches.
    Recheck the voltage between the battery posts. You got___________?

    Keeping the negative lead connected to the negative post move your positive lead and check both terminals of the following fuses in the under-hood fuse block. Record what you found on both posts
    30 amp cooling fan fuse__________?
    50 amp ignition fuse__________?
    40 amp batt fuse___________?
    20 amp abs fuse__________?
    10 amp PCM fuse__________?

    Take the positive leas and measure to the output terminal of the alternator._________?
    Take the positive terminal and measure to the engine block, you got___________?
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