Maybach Excelero - 218mph the Best Batmobile ever.

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This car has got to be the most outrageously designed exotic, uber-luxo automobile in decades. Maybach set out to run with a Ferrari Enzo in top speed (218), Porsche GT3 in acceleration (4.4 to 62mph) but they did it with this huge black bling boat of a car.
They used it as a test car for Fulda tires (315/25 ZR23). Just to prove that you could run on them up to 218 with a that weighs just over 2.66 tons. 20 feet long too. Designed by a 24-year-old designer named Fredrik Burchhardt.

Check out the pictures at:

What do you think? Put it in the next Batman movie? Certainly it needs to at least be in a rap video.


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    No, this thing must never be seen again.

    The only thing or part of it I would want to see is the bold grille design, on a future Maybach.

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    I love the side exhaust shape. Why not let Maybach make a way over the top luxo-coupe for the person with the latest private jet and the racy yacht?

    I think it is reminiscent of the 1938 Phantom Corsair, which to me was a beautiful, if only a fantasy.

    Also, I think it has some really killer 23" rims.

    Maybe it is just an acquired taste.
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    I like it. It's very curvy, and it looks intimidating. It reminds me slightly of Dusenbergs, but that might just be me. Very pretty car, though.

    You see, I want Maybach to come out of the closet and start making cars that aren't rebadged S-Classes.
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    actually that is where this car gets some of its styling ques from
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    Ebay has six for sale, and this is the first time I've seen any car contain the words "manufacturer buy back" within the text of the ad. Apparently, there are issues, one being "the navigational system problem fixed" on two, or issue not stated. There are also the word export listed, or export okay. Exporting a car that imported? I've also read stories of the car not functioning on long trips. Is this true? You know, driving out to the Nevada sticks and the car breaks down. Where does one take the car if you're in say......... Elko? Also, one in particular, a 2005 with 25k miles, has manufactures warranty until 08/32/08. Yippie, a car of this caliber only gives a three year warranty? I know, I'm picky. And what should one expect with such a discount, $150K, or $198K for a $300K car. Well, they say you loose a lot when you drive it off the lot.
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    i am in awe of that machine.

    i wonder if the acceptance of only my driver's license would be enough to "test drive" it, or would they want proof of insurance and call my bank to make sure that my balance was nine digits to the left of the decimal?
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    Just dress up but don't over dress; why not look at testing a previously owned?

    Still not sure why a few on Ebay are lemon law buy backs. Not a good sign. So, how far down in price will they go before it makes sense to buy and keep? Kind of like a seventies 600 SWB. There was a moment when they were a good deal. But, then there's the servicing, those pesky hydraulic what are, or will be the issues with the Maybach? If the navigation system seems to be a problem, does that influence other mechanical components within the car? I can live without a map, I can't live with goofy electrical problems.
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    when you suggested previously owned and ebay i spent an hour searching the net for an ebay auction or previously owned EXELERO's and did not find one (i really didn't think i would...). then i remembered that approximately a mile and a quarter from where i live is FLETCHER JONES MOTOR CARS, INC., "the nations #1 mercedes - maybach dealership". heck, i could have jumped in my vehicle wearing my jeans and tee, driven over and asked them...

    i've noticed the "regular" maybach re-sale value has made them more affordable.
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    i haven't read anything about problems with the hydraulic shock system on the maybach.

    i thought with the wide wheel base, the large tires, hydraulic shocks and being so low to the ground (citroen sm and ds, mercedes 450sel 6.9) that it would be an xlnt ride (the luxury lowrider)...
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    I was referring to the hydraulics on the older Mercedes 600's. Talk about a pain. I was referring to when would be a good time to buy a Maybach given the discount. The only problem I've read concerning the Maybach's is the GPS system. That seems to be why many are being returned. A few on Ebay are referred to as "Mfg's buy back", or perhaps lemon laws??
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    Exelero? Hmmm, I guess I'm totally out of the loop, never heard of one.
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    THIS is what i meant by "in awe of this machine"...
    there are only three sites i've found on the net that show this car in action.
    if you're interested i'll send them to you.

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