2002 Impreza Transmission question!

wbleighwbleigh Member Posts: 1
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The other day I changed my automatic transmission fluid, or tried to on a 2002 Imprezza with 148,000 miles. The trans was slipping occasionally but otherwise working fine. I drained the transmission and replaced the external filter. I got close to 4 quarts from the trans. However, when I tried to refill through the dip stick it only took less than three quarts and over flowed the dipstick tube. The car would not move in either forward or reverse. I have never had this ever happen previously. Even sitting a couple of days the dipstick tube is still full to the top and the car will not move. Apparently no fluid is getting into the workings of the transmission. Something seems to be blocking the fluid from draining into the transmission, could it be the internal filter? I owuld have thought over a couple of days the fluid would have seeped into the transmission. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated! Thanks
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