2009 Aura - 3/5R housing and wave plate defect

mrmikeoc3mrmikeoc3 Member Posts: 1
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I have a 2009 Aura with 92500 miles on it. Have recently started having hard shifting going from 4th to 5th gear. Took it into dealer to evaluate and was just told that transmission needs an overhaul ($3900) and my VIN is not included in the previous 2015 extension of the warranty for this same issue. Called GM Customer Service and was told the same thing. Same symptoms that have been reported by so many others and even with a NHSTA recall, still GM will not admit that there is a problem with this transmission. I loved my two Saturns and was a happy GM customer but if this is how GM treats it's long-term customers you can be certain that I won't be looking at any more GM vehicles. Why won't GM do the right thing and stand behind their products ?
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