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NISMO Frontier Wish List

mattman67mattman67 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Nissan
IMHO Nissan should make the NISMO statement mean something special by adding the following to the '07 Frontier:
-a REAL limited slip rear end not a watabe one they presently have(modulating rear brakes)
- retune the 4.0 for premium fuel to give it some extra HP(15 more is not out of the question). If you want to run regular gas the ECM can retard the spark to accept the lower octane fuel.
-hill start assist with manual transmission
-a/c auto cutoff under full throttle operation

NISMO would really mean something when you bought the package!


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    badnessbadness Member Posts: 242
    what are you crazy,this is not sports car, you should buy one instead of trying to make the Nismo one,besides you want get more then 10Mi to the Gal. get real,this is a midsize class ,thats why the made the Titian....
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    81trekker81trekker Member Posts: 51
    The BFG TA Long Trail tires are in the bottom third on www.tirerack.com. Nissan seems to have a history of picking lousy tires. They selected Continentals for the Armadas that rate even lower and picked a tire size that makes it virtually impossible to find good replacement tires in same size.

    The mud flaps are completely inadequate. I live on a gravel road in Northern VA and now have pits in the side of the truck from the gravel that flies up due to the poor mud flaps.
    I'm replacing them this week.

    Other than these issues, I'm quite satisfied with the truck. - 81 Trekker
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    mattman67mattman67 Member Posts: 2
    Your right about Nissan not picking good tires. My sons 2k2 Pathfinder tire(Dunlop) were useless.
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    2005lekc2005lekc Member Posts: 145

    What are you replacing the mudguards with? I was not aware there were any options available. Web site please.

    Thank you,

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    81trekker81trekker Member Posts: 51
    I haven't found any replacements. I'm now thinking that I may need to add fender flares, but can't find any of those either. Saw some for the 05 Tacoma and thought that vendor might
    have some soon for the Frontier. Sent them e-mail and got no response. Now, I'm looking and waiting. Until I get something better, trying to keep speed down to 20 mph or less on dirt and gravel. I live on a dirt road and frequently go to my cabin in the VA mts. where I have to drive up a dirt road for 1.5 miles. Slow trip!

    81 Trekker
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    badnessbadness Member Posts: 242
    this is a good site if you looking for tires~http://www.tirerack.com/
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