Car Buying Advice---used cars around $3K? Possible? .

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Im looking for a fun daily under 3k more like 2500, That I can have fun with and tinker with REALLY PREFER MANUAL. Im a big guy. 6'2 and fat. hard for me to fit in a lot of cars. usually because of my height but my weight doesnt help any. any cars you guys would recommend? I can barely fit in civics(probably wouldnt be a good daily) but i prefer hatch's and none for sale around me. I can fit in sn95 mustangs but barely. I know sitting in cars is the best way to find out if its comfortable but a lot of the cars ive been looking at a several hours away. Thanks for any advice you guys could give me. Will respond asap.


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    @whitegab000 I'm tall myself so I understand what you mean. Your budget can be limiting because it really just comes down to whats available in your area. Off the top of my head I was thinking a WRX or a Mazda 3 speed. I know you would need one with a lot of miles to get it down into the $3,000 range but for size and "fun" to drive, I had to recommend. A Honda Accord (Coupe or Sedan) might be a good option. I'm hesitant to recommend VW but maybe a Golf?

    I guess it depends on your definition of fun too. I would even suggest something like a Pontiac Vibe.
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