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I am in Charlotte NC and looking for Honda 2017 CR V AWD EX. What would be the best price that I should expect as I got $28900 from a Honda dealership. Thanks..


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    @buyer469, great question. The '17 CR-Vs are not being discounted much since they just arrived on dealer lots in December and they have been fully redesigned. It looks like the average selling price according to our data is $27,973 (plus taxes and fees). Were you quoted $28,900 with taxes and fees or is that just the "sale" price? MSRP is $28,935 which means they didn't give much of a discount (assuming no taxes and fees on your quote).

    You should at least be aiming to get $1,000 off the MSRP. As for "best" price, that is hard to answer because every dealership has a "best" price but aim for at least a $1,000 off at this point in time. The best bet is to start your offer much lower (Example - $26,500) and then negotiate back and forth from there. Also, shopping on the last few days of the month is recommend as dealerships are pushing to hit their month end sales goals and are a little more "generous".
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