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2001 dakota repeatedly "blows" resistor for heater blower

texxasaltexxasal Posts: 1
edited March 2017 in Dodge
After all these years (I've had the truck since new), my heater/ac blower motor stopped working on the lower speeds. At the suggestion of the guy at the parts store, I replaced the resistor (under the dash, near the blower motor). This worked for awhile (1-2 months). The motor then stopped working on the low speeds as before. I've since replaced the resistor 3 more times with the same result.
1. Is there a relay somewhere in the circuit that could be failed, causing this? I doubt it since relays are usually binary in nature (go or nogo)
2. Should I consider replacing the ac motor control switch module in the dash?
3. Am I completely missing the boat and it's something totally different?



  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,824
    The heater resistors fail either from excessive current draw from the blower motor, poor airflow to help cool it, or from corrosion. The most likely cause of multiple failures in a short time is excessive current from a failing motor.
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