2000 Isuzu trooper transmission problems!!!!!! Please help

ilbethrilbethr Member Posts: 2
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Okay I have a 2000 Isuzu Trooper 4x4 with Tod torque on demand a push-button for high and a stick for low stick on the floor it's an automatic transmission when I put it into reverse or drive it makes a horrible clinking clanking clattering sound I put it in your I put it in neutral it does not make the sound at all and when I put it in park it doesn't make the sound I checked the transmission fluid level and it is full yeah don't know where to go from there I'm kind of stuck does anybody have any insight on this issue of mine please help


  • ilbethrilbethr Member Posts: 2
    Please can anyone help
  • rhinestonefuserhinestonefuse Member Posts: 76
    Insight: Your transmission has suffered catastrophic internal damage. Have car towed to transmission shop and prepare to spend $3000 on remanufactured or used transmission.
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