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Brief Stalling - '01 Durango

docskyhawkdocskyhawk Posts: 2
edited March 2017 in Dodge
I have read several posts about similar issues but I am running out of ideas of what could be causing my issue. About six months ago I starting having major issues with my D stalling stone dead at random times. It would completely shut down the engine but leave all other electrical systems running. It ended up being the ECM with a bad solder connection and it was resetting the ECM and clearing any codes each time it happened, which was several times an hour. I ended up finding an ECM out of another D and had the local Dodge dealer flash it with my VIN etc.

About a month ago I started getting a rough erratic idle with an occasional stall at or near idle, both in gear and in park. This time however the ECM seems fine and doesn't reset anything and starts right back up. It keeps throwing a large vacuum leak code, 455, and I have yet to find it. As a test, I unplugged the line coming from the throttle body and capped it on the TB. The truck now idles about as good as it gets with its mileage, 180k. I drove on it for a couple of days without any more stalling and thought I had it figured out. However, it started again today. It mostly does it near idle or below 15% throttle according to the Bluetooth ODB2 scanner I have monitoring it. Most of the stalls only last about 1/5 of a second and recovers with the occasional drop dead and restart. It is really harsh when cruising and it jolts the truck. I was getting a misfire code for #1 for a while but that has stopped and wouldn't make the whole engine die like it is. It feels like either the coils are dropping all at once or fuel gets cut for a second. I'm fearing it is starting to look like another bad ECM but it isn't resetting and isn't giving any related codes.

What I know or have ruled out.

Temps run around 199-204f
Timing stays around 15o at idle and 25-30 at cruise but does move now and then to lower numbers with load. I also get the occasional 0-5o at idle.
Fuel pressure is unknown
Coils were tested a few months ago and should be fine and runs smooth with exception of stall
Plugs are less than year old
Only vacuum lines now connected are power breaks and PCV.
The exhaust seems to pulse and flow fine but there is a small leak near the front that seals up once warm.

This seemed odd to me but the obd2 is showing 15% throttle at idle and max of 75% at WOT. ???
Unsure of cam and crank sensor but no problems starting and runs smooth at load.

Codes as of now.
o2 up and down voltage(unplugged due to short at the sensor about three years ago) open loop mode
Power steering sensor(unplugged due to leaking fluid shorting out o2s above) New sensor but don't trust it
455 large evap leak - Now plugged for a test
Small evap leak - Same

My electric fan went out a few months ago and I was overheating on hot days if I sat too much but I just replaced the fan and the temps are in the 199-204 range. However, when I turn the truck off and let it sit for 15-30 minutes, I doesn't want to idle at start up and there is a strong gas smell for about 30 seconds until it smooths out. If it sits longer it doesn't usually do it. The obd2 only reports temps of 210ish when it does. I was thinking it was as stuck open evap solenoid sucking in a ton of vapors but it isn’t connected right now. I believe this is the engine bay warming up after sitting without air movement and the intake temps area going over 160 at startup until the fans move air under the hood.

Right now I am thinking it is either a bad positive connection in either the fuel injectors or coils or the fuel pump is dropping pressure just long enough but recovers, but I can't test either one while driving. I'm about to splice an LED or something into the connections so I can see if it flickers.

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