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Dual Exhaust for Silverado

gwyatt1gwyatt1 Posts: 22
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Other trucks (makes) you can order with dual
exhaust from the factory. The "Real Thing". I
have been told that Chevy doesn't offer that. It
seems kind of strange that others would. Has
anyone ordered a truck with dual exhaust from the
manifold? I wonder if the salesman is blowing
smoke?!?!?!? If there are any salesman on this
sight, could you let me know for sure.

I will be ordering my truck within the next two
weeks. Thanks.



  • Gary

    I don't think that ford or dodge offer duel exhaust from factory.The dealers have them put on by muffler shop. The ones i've seen were just split after muffler. Thats been a few years.

  • requests are aftermarkets and are put on outside the factory at aftermarket shops. They are not warranted by the oem warranties either. A major GM truck dealer where I live sells brand new trucks off the lot with body lift kits and duel exhausts. All the aftermarket stuff is added by a local shop.

    If the truck has a problem and the problem for instance is possibly exhaust related, GM will insist the exhaust be put back to oem specs before they will go further in diagnosis.

    I know this first hand. Happened to me and won't happen again. Wait until the oem warranty is over before adding those aftermarket items unless you don't mind a possible repair out of pocket.
  • Wow, never thought of that! Even if the mufflers
    are put on from the converter back? Good thing
    nothing ever happened to my Dodge. I am ordering a Silverado in a few weeks. I was
    wanting to have it put on but maybe I won't now. I
    have just heard that if you have dual exhaust from the manifold, it will increase horsepower and give better gas mileage. I had dual exhaust
    on my Dodge from the converter back, so it
    sounded nice but didn't improve power or gas

    Thanks for the info.

  • If you get the 2500 w/ 6.0 it comes with dual everything right to the muffler, but has only a single outlet from the muffler.
  • The "dual everything right to the muffler" sounds like the old ('96-'99) C/K trucks with the 5.7L.
    Is there a huge muffler with two inlets and one outlet? I changed my '98 to a free flowing muffler with dual-in/dual-out pipes. The Vortec 350 sounds great with it.
  • The 1/2 ton 5.3l's are dual to the y pipe just like the 6.0l's are. No difference. Two manifolds, two cats, to a y pipe that joins the tow sides into one. Muffler is single in, single out on both unless modified.
  • I'm kinda confused. So if it is dual exhaust to
    the Y pipe then couldn't I get it all the way
    back without messing up the warranty or be any
    work that is done within 36,000 miles? I would just have to get two mufflers right? I can't
    imagine that they would make me take it off prior to doing any work on the exhaust system. Keeping
    in mind I know that they wouldn't do anything to
    the driver side portion. What problem could
    having dual exhaust cause to the exhaust system
    that would cause them to say they wouldn't cover
    it until I took it off or I would have to pay
    for repairs. Or is it just another way to make an extra buck?!?!?!?

  • If your engine starts making a funny noise (whether directly exhaust related or not), they may want to know if it's just a problem with the new exhaust. I took the gamble and installed a performance system on my truck anyway.

  • Chances are, you won't have any problems, but just like powerisfun stated, you have a noise or such that the dealer can't find, they will go to the GM techs for help. If the GM techs can't fix it or find it from a simple surface scratch technique, they will make you take the exhaust back to stock before investing any more time or money into it. Just makes it easier for them to blow it off if they can.

    Exactly what powerisfun stated, I had an exhaust leak on mine and since they couldn't easily find it, they (GM) insisted I go back to stock before they would do anything further and I only had a catback, not a true dual. They also are much more stringent on emission related items than anything else because they are so highly scrutinized and regulated by the EPA and all.
  • m1685m1685 Posts: 71
    The 6.0 pipes are not like the 5.3. The 5.3 does have two cats that are y'd into one pipe, but the 6.0 has dual pipes into the muffler, like the old 350 vortec. The pipes on the 6.0 are even bigger than the pipes on the 5.3. Even the cats on the 6.0 are bigger.
  • Interesting. I will check that out closer. Thanks for the info.
  • billk5billk5 Posts: 14
    I went to a local muffler shop and they recommend using a Flowemaster turbo has anyone had any experience with them ? cost $225
  • Flowmasters sound like popcorn poppers in all their mufflers and systems as well as lack low end torque gains that systems like the Magnflow will give you.

    My opinion.
  • gwyatt1gwyatt1 Posts: 22
    I had one on my 1998 Dodge Ram. Really sounded
    bad! I had it taken off. It just made a loud
    obnoxious sound. It was loud inside the cab and
    drounded out the radio. The say it will help give
    it more power......yeah right, it is isntalled
    behind the catallilic converter. How can it! So
    don't fall for it. I would just get the dual
    pipes itself.

    Good luck!
  • billk5billk5 Posts: 14
    Are you saying leave the factory muffler ? and just get the dual pipes.
  • m1685m1685 Posts: 71
    the stock has too much restriction. With a turbo muffler you can get better fuel mileage. You also reduce the strain on the engine trying to push the exhaust through the stock muffler. All the stock muffler is made for is JUST to make the truck quiet, no performance reasons at all.
  • gwyatt1gwyatt1 Posts: 22
    I would only go for the pipes. I called Midas and
    Mineke and they both said that in order for it to
    help gas mileage or give more power, it would have
    to be dual from the manifold. They said anything
    installed behind the cat would not do anything
    but sound better. I'm not sure who to believe but
    I can tell you that mine didn't get any better
    gas mileage after I had the flow master installed.

    You might investigate it a little more before
    wasting your money.

    Let me know what you find out.
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    did you notice any additional performance at all???
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    by itself will give you any major hp or seat of the pants performance/mileage increase..except maybe a supercharger.

    If you are looking for increased performance, a catback will actually lose lowend torque, more so if you install headers at the same time. This is because you have caused an imbalance where exhaust flow exceeds intake. So...increase the intake...airaid, Granatelli gas mileage may increase...not mine..cause I somehow started to drive a little faster...
  • m1685m1685 Posts: 71
    When I said a turbo muffler would increase gas mileage, I did not mean 4-5 mpg, youll be lucky to get 1-2 mpg. About dual from the manifold (#17), you will get more power, but the power curve moves up into the upper rpm range, meaning loss of low-end power. I know, I have dual straight pipes from the manifolds on my 6.0l ( just stock cats), and i did have some loss of low-end power. Also, about the mpg, I have had different turbo mufflers, and the way i drive, i never get the same mpg. If you drive the same way everday, and use the same grade of gas, youll notice a little better gas mileage. My main point is that if you are going to put a custom dual job on your truck, you might as well put a better muffler on it. It will help the engine exhale better and may increase engine life by a little.
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    don't expect major mileage increases. Have a airaid and maf sensor on the way and was trying to decide if a gibson muffler would help. Hoping that all of this yield 2 mpg. Over time those parts would pay for themselves while also giving greater performance. I just can't decide if the muffler would help from what I've heard...
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    aka Silverado muffler should be the minimum that you should upgrade. It was built big for one reason restriction. The pipes aren't the greatest either but at least change the muffler. Just my opinion.
  • snitselasnitsela Posts: 47
    If you increase the airflow leaving the combustion engine, you must increase the airflow entering it in order to realize any benefits. I have a 95 Harley Fatboy, punched the muffler baffles out to get that Harley sound, and the thing ran rough as hell. Dealer installed a "carb kit" and whoola, it was a screaming machine again.

    Start messing with the carb/air cleaner and GM will make a stink when you go for service work, anything engine related will be blamed on your "performance" modifications. I am spending over $27k on my truck and would not even consider putting dual exhaust on during the warranty. At best you will look/sound cool, at worst you will be hung with additonal cost that will be for not when you need to get service work done.
  • m1685m1685 Posts: 71
    The only warranty problem i ever had dealing with the dealership was over the catalytic converter. i had dual straight pipes on my 95 z71, and they would not even look at the cat, they fixed everything else dealing with the truck and engine though.
  • wtdwtd Posts: 96
    I have a Borla side exit cat-back system on my 98 ext-cab Z-71. I love the sound and I didn't lose any low end torque.
    In order for the dealer to void your warrenty in regards to putting an aftermarket exhaust system on, they have to prove that the system was the cause of the problem. In my opinion, your best bet when changing the exhaust system, is to go with a aftermarket system that comes in a complete kit. Most of these systems are 50 state emissions legal and have been tested on the vehicles they are for.
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 577
    The PICKUPS Conference has gotten WAY too big....

    it is unwieldy to manage, and difficult to use for "newbies". There is entirely TOO much topic duplication, so I will be doing some SERIOUS topic consolidation in the next few weeks, getting us down to not more than 2-3 topics per vehicle type, and ultimately down to 200 topics or less.

    THIS weeks consolidation candidates are: F-150's, Silverado's, Dakota's, and Dakota Crew/Quad cabs.

    In that vein, please consolidate this Silverado topic to Chevy Silverado - Continued IX and continue these discussions there.


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