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Help With my Cadillac CTS 2006

malikjj123malikjj123 Pennsylvania Posts: 1
edited March 2017 in Cadillac
Hey how everyone doing My name is Malik I Currently have A Cadillac CTS 2006 I recently slid into a snowbank from the front passenger side i' then got help pulling my car out the snowbank we notice oil on the snow as we pulled my car out I got in the driver seat and proceeded to drive I realize that my car was losing speed it would not accelerate so I Pulled over an Turned my car off then Back on I put my shifter in drive but my car was acting like it was in park it would not drive I then turned the car off an started to look around an notice that a oily substance was still coming out I then tryed to start my car again an it wouldn't start So now I'm here trying to Find any lil thing that's Can Help PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT ANY OPTION


  • You lost all of your transmission fluid through a broken transmission fluid cooling line when you hit that snowbank. You need to replace your transmission lines and refill with fluid. Get a tow to an independant mechanic.
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