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2012 Enclave - My A/C is Out Again!

lady23lady23 Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in Buick
I am hot, literally & figuratively!! I discovered today that my A/C is out again! I've already replaced the Condenser & Hose on 11/4/15 for $1,012.87 (when my car was 3 yrs old, now at 5 yrs old no A/C...again). Over the winter months, I noticed I got no heat on the passenger side vent. Now today when the temps hit 73 degrees, I have no cold air anywhere in the car. The car of course is out of warranty, I purchased it used in 2012 from the local GM dealership. I have spent so much money on repairs for this car over the last 5 years. I can only imagine what they will tell me tomorrow when I take it back to the dealer. Again, I'm out of a vehicle (I'm a REALTOR= no money being made tomorrow!) and probably will get my wallet emptied as well. The starter went 2 weeks ago--That cost me almost $500 to repair. Now this. I'm done with GM--first GM car I ever bought, it will be my last. #verydisappointedinGM


  • We are in the same boat, except we purchased our 2012 Enclave new and I kept telling them from the start that there was something wrong and they blew it off for a long time. Finally, we had one repair completed under warranty (took entire front dash off & replaced many items & filled with freon). Then, then had it filled with freon twice from a local shop. When it would hold no freon at all, took it back to the dealership (out of warranty) and had repairs done. We had the front evaporator core replaced and filled with freon. Now we are back in the shop again, 8 months later, with no freon again!!!! So frustrating with how much we paid for the vehicle and now all the repairs (not to mention other things that have gone wrong as well).... In between this, we had 2 motor mounts go bad (right after warranty was gone on that), and our water pump was leaking and caused damaged (this was not covered under the warranty either)!!!!
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