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BMW 3-Series Lease Questions



  • Hi rosenkreuz1. Let me begin by saying that $5,000 is too much money to put down on a lease. I always advise consumers to put as little money down as possible when leasing. Consumers who make large down payments risk losing par or all of the money that they put down if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered. Even though it means that your monthly payment will be a little higher, it is much safer to go with a zero down lease.

    The money factor that you were quoted is too high. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for this model is only .00195 for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    BMW is currently providing a $1,000 cash incentive on leases of this car. That means that you are being given a $1,595 dealer discount on this car, one that likely has a spread of over $4,000 between its MSRP and its dealer invoice price.

    Between the money factor and the selling price, it seems lilt there's a decent amount of room to negotiate here.

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  • You're absolutely right about the charge per mile, nyccarguy. If I am not mistaken, BMW lowers the residual values of vehicles with high mileage leases by the total cost of the additional miles, but I'm not sure. I will check into that for you.

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  • rockne98rockne98 Posts: 4
    edited March 2012
    $40145 msrp 2011 328xi -----> selling price: 34,550

    Although I think that's a really good price I think it could be gotten for even less. It was a lease so w 0 down (but paying fees/taxes) the 30 month lease w 10k miles was 365/month w BMW making first 2 payments. I think that's pretty good - it's actually something like $30 less per month than the advertised deal had I put the 2000 down as the advertised deal provides.
  • gokrogokro Posts: 3
    edited March 2012
    Hi everyone,

    i just placed an order for a 2012 335i coupe, and the lease deal is structured with the $1,000 incentive. According to edmunds it expires 04/02/2012, my question is, since my car will not arrive by that date and will get here sometime around the middle of April, can the dealer come back and say that since the $1000 credit has expired we have to restructure the deal? or is it locked in?

    so far all i've done was submit a credit app and got a quote via email from the dealer along with the build number.

    many thanks
  • Hi,
    I locked in the lease for a 328xi last weekend and picking up the car this friday. Here are the details:

    MSRP - 43,215 (Metallic color, NAV, Heated steering, Premium Package, Value Package)
    Selling Price - 36,600 (after 2,500 BMW incentive)
    All taxes and fees paid upfront. Zero down on lease.
    Monthly payment - $373, cash at signing - $2418 (taxes and fees).
    MF used was 0.0018.
    I think i made a hard bargain but i will leave it upto esteemed members here to comment.
  • ctarnactarna Northern, NJPosts: 14
    edited March 2012
    I think you are getting a great deal. Leased an '11 328i x-drive in January, MSRP was just over $45k. Monthly is $420 and I paid $4800 at signing. Only difference is 15k/year. (Oh, and 33 months. Not sure what yours is.)

    PS- Got mine in NJ, too. Prestige in Ramsey.
  • can you please share the dealer name. i am in looking for one in nj/ny area. thanks
  • do you mind sharing the dealer name? thanks
  • I did this at JMK BMW in SpringField NJ. I have had not so good experiences with JMK BMW in past so I was a bit hesitant initially but i was pleasantly surprised to deal with a sales person called Chris Lorenzi. Havent seen such a non aggresive salesman before.
  • Mine is 30 months with 10k miles per year. I already own an Audi Q7 so didnt want too many miles on the new one.
  • gokrogokro Posts: 3
  • Hi Carman,

    Can you please tell me the current money fact and residual for a 2012 BMW 335i sedan, 15,000 miles a year, 36 month lease?

    Thank you.
  • rpdaviesrpdavies Posts: 1
    Dear All,
    Interested in opinions on the following offer just received:
    2011 328i xDrive Sedan
    Jet Black
    Value Package
    30 month lease, 10k per year
    MSRP 40,335
    Sale Price 35,535
    Residual 27,024
    MF .0018
    2 months payments paid by BMW
    Zero down
    Total due at delivery, 2,050 (acquisition, sales tax, DMV fees)
    Monthly is 396

    Any thoughts??
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,595
    looks good! I'd roll the taxes into the payment if I were you. Anything happens to the car during the next 30 months & you loose that money.

    I picked mine up yesterday & absolutely LOVE IT!

    Good luck!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2017 Pilot Touring AWD, 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport 4WD

  • rockne98rockne98 Posts: 4
    edited March 2012
    You should try to get the selling price down to 34500.
  • psionicxeropsionicxero Posts: 4
    edited March 2012

    This is the first time I am going for a lease, so I might get some terms wrong. Here is the info I have from the salesmen, please let me know if it is a good deal. I am leasing a demo 2011 BMW 328xi sedan with about 9,000miles on it, and I was told it has a premium package. The term is 30 months, at 12,000 miles a year. Because of my credit, I was told I have to put down 10%, I was told that I should bring in $4,500 cash total out of pocket that covers all taxes, fees, and the down payment. My monthly payment will be $263.31.

    Am I getting a good deal?

    Thanks in advance
  • This is a horrible deal. First rule of leasing is to put as less down as possible. If the car gets totalled then you lose all.your money. Secondly this is a demo car with 9000 miles on it. The net selling price of this car should be atleast 10000 less than MSRP if not more. There is no way I would pay more than 150 per month for this car with 0 money down and taxes and fees paid upfront.
  • Thanks for letting me know. The problem is that I have to put down 10% because of my credit. The dealer told me either 10%, or get a co-signer. According to what I'm told, the demo is a loaner car that is given to BMW owners that have their car in for servicing. BMW still sees the demo car as a new car, and has all the warranty.

    Basically, no matter what, I need to put 10% down because a co-signer is not an option. What do you guys think?
  • No matter how bad my credit is but I will never lease a demo car with 10000 miles on it for that much. I don't know what is your situation but paying 10% for a used car is ridiculous. The dealer is just trying to take advantage of your credit situation and get rid off a used car which I guess nobody else is even looking at. Stay away from this dealer as much as you can. That's my 2 cents
  • So if I should want to get this car, what should be a reasonable deal? It would also be great if I can get a second or third opinion to be sure.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 26,456
    edited March 2012
    I'm sorry, but the advice above is not the best. $150/mo with zero down? That's absurd. You can't get a Hyundai Accent or Nissan Versa for that kind of money.

    Hell, even at 0% interest and 0 fees and 0 down, leasing 40% of a measly $20k vehicle over 36 months is $222.22/mo.

    You really need to give more details on the car in question. MSRP? Invoice? Selling price? Money Factor?

    Have you tried going through your own bank or credit union to see if they will lease to you without the big down payment?

    BTW, I don't agree with the "rule" that you put down as little as possible on a lease. The argument is always that you will lose it if totalled. Yet those same people profess to pay as much down as possible on a finance. That, of course, is contradictory because they exact same "totalled" situation can happen with a finance and you'd be out that money just the same. That is, to an extent, of course. You put 20% down on a lease and you will likely lose all of it, whereas 20% down on a finance and you MIGHT get 10% back. But when you are talking a few grand, it makes no difference. You'd lose that money in either situation.

    It doesn't sound like you are putting down 10%, however, if they are requesting just $4500 to cover the down payment plus taxes and fees. Sounds like only about $2k down? Do they mean just 10% of the leased amount? In other words, if you are paying $18k over the life of the lease, you are putting down 10% of that?

    On the surface, it sounds like a fine deal to me (pending knowing the options/MSRP). If we look up at a recent deal above, that poster is paying $373 with $2418 out of pocket for just 10k miles/year. If that were a zero out of pocket deal, it would be right around $445/mo. If yours were a 0 out of pocket deal, it would be right around $395/mo. So you are getting it $50/mo cheaper AND more miles. And, since it is a lease, who cares if it has some miles on it? You are only renting it. :)

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  • hash2hash2 Posts: 32
    Signed pre lease agreement for a 2011 328xi to be picked up later this week. Has premium, value packages and heated steering and metallic color.

    MSRP: 40865
    Selling price: 35845 (including wheel locks)
    MF: 0.0018
    Res: 67%
    10k miles
    Acq fee: 925 (couldnt win here)
    Doc fee: ~150
    30 months
    7 MSDs to bring MF down to .00131
    Monthly payment: ~420 including taxes; basically 0 down except MSDs and TTL
    2 free payments
    Didnt get the mats for free but they'll sell me at cost

    upfront was 7 * 450 for MSDs and ~150 in TTL.

    Dealer said invoice was 38280 and the car comes with wheels locks (i was forced to buy with wheel locks) so told me I am getting the car at invoice + at-cost wheel locks minus 2500 incentive. His invoice seems to be about 600 more than what edmunds tells me but i am guessing edmunds invoice doesnt factor in MACO, training, etc. Also the edmunds invoice was about 600 higher 10 days back so I am guessing dealer was quoting correct invoice. The other dealer here (there are only 2 dealers within 50miles radius) also gave me exact same number for invoice but was charging 600 over before 2500 incentive, so gives me comfort that I got an invoice minus incentive deal. I could not negotiate down the acquisition fee from 925 to 725 - they were fixed on that. Could probably have saved 100-200 if i had tried the few dealers in a larger city approx 100miles away but i would have paid in gas for 2 cars, tolls, headache and 2 peoples time. I know people in NJ are getting even better prices but I am unfortunately in a small region with not a huge inventory. Still feel i got a great deal as the net monthly cost is really 420*28/30 so ~390/month including taxes with 0 down for a $41000 car (i dont consider refundable MSDs as downpayment). Would still hate myself if BMW comes out with even better incentives for April since I dont really need the car until mid April but wanted to jump onto this one around Q1 end time and negotiate a good price. Dealer made 200 on acq fee, 150 on doc and whatever incentive they get based on volume, plus anything else if the quoted invoice price was higher than actual.

    Thanks again everyone on this forum for posting their purhcase details which really helped me.
  • psionicxeropsionicxero Posts: 4
    edited March 2012
    Thank you for your giving me some feedback. Here is all the information I know.

    -I am leasing a demo 2011 BMW 328xi sedan with about 9,000miles on it.
    -I pay $4,500 due at signing (I have to put down 10% for credit reasons).
    -Payments of $263.31 a month for 30 months, 12,000 miles a year.
    -The money factor the dealer told me is .00195
    -I think I'm putting the 10% on the amount I use.
    -MSRP $40,675.00
    -Here's what the dealer said:
    Total payments $7,899.30
    cap cost reduction $2,981.30
    inception fees $263.31
    DMV fees $295.00
    Bank and Doc fees $1,225.00
    Total: $12,399.28

    Do you guys think I am getting a good deal?
  • hash2hash2 Posts: 32
    MF should be 0.0018, atleast on new ones. Maybe its higher for you coz you dont qualify for top tier credit. You qualify for top tier at credit score of 675+ (I saw the actual tiers/MF sheet at the dealer few days ago, so 675 is accurate and not a guess)

    Not sure what does 4,500 at signing include since the cap cost reduction is only 2,981. Is 4,500 sum of 2,981 downpayment + acq fee + all other fees you have included above (i cant get them to add up to 4,500, difference is inception fees) or 4,500 is simply downpayment and then you pay other fees on top of that upfront? Also Bank and doc fee looks really high, does that include acquisition fee?
    Also make sure you are getting 2 payments free.

    Looking at your total outflow it doesnt seem like a bad deal if it was brand new vehicle. My total payments are slightly lower than yours but I had 10K miles and qualified for top tier MF and used 7 MSDs. For a loaner again, it doesnt look like a bad deal except that you are paying too much upfront which is not recommended on leases and it also reduces the benefit you get from 2 free payments. But i am guessing your credit profile doesnt give you too many choices. Did you the dealer what your credit score was or have you checked your credit score? Sometimes dealers make up stuff so they can markup your MF and justify it.

    Did you try getting a quote on a brand new 2011 car? Shoot for 5,000 below MSRP and see if the cost is similar. You probably dont want to same for a car with 9K miles on it.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 26,456
    I agree with the above. The numbers just don't add up.

    Bank/doc fees are quite high. I'm thinking maybe that includes the inception fee you listed out separately? That plus $525'ish bank fee and $400'ish doc fee would be pretty close to that $1225. It would make a little more sense. That's still a high doc fee, but I've heard of worse.

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  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 26,456
    edited April 2012
    Looking at your total outflow it doesnt seem like a bad deal if it was brand new vehicle. My total payments are slightly lower than yours but I had 10K miles and qualified for top tier MF and used 7 MSDs.

    hmmm... I'm not sure how you calculated that. Your total comes to $13,675, correct? Vs psion's $12,399.

    '10 Equinox LS; '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 49-car history and counting!

  • duke1818duke1818 Posts: 2
    need x drive for end of sapril or beginning of may when leae expires on audi
    what numbers what are current money factor and resdual

    x drive with premium package basic car
    auto black
  • Absolutely usmarinecorps. Through April 2nd, BMW Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 335i Sedan with 15,000 miles per year are .00195 and 62%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

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  • hash2hash2 Posts: 32
    edited April 2012
    If you are talking about my vehicle, my total outflow is ~420 per month X 28 payments (2 free payments on 30 month lease) PLUS ~150 for plates. So total of approximately 11,900. Not sure how calc 13,675. My 420/month includes taxes, acq fee, doc fee, etc. Everything except the ~150 for plates/registration.

    Also, if somebody is paying 4,500 upfront, it means paying MF (interest) on 4,500 less and thus it will reduce overall payments (so comparing total payments is not apples to apples on 4,500 upfront vs 0 upfront). Similarly if you pay entire lease amount upfront in one go, all you pay for is depreciation, acq fee and doc fee and $0 for MF and thus significantly lower overall outflow but obviously too much risk.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 26,456
    edited April 2012
    Ah, forgot about the 2 free payments.

    And I didn't realize your acquisition fee was rolled into your payments. I thought since you listed that separately, you paid that up front.

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  • joeny2012joeny2012 Posts: 2
    edited April 2012
    I'm looking to lease in NY. Dealer wouldn't allow me to keep my lease info sheet but this is what i have so far...
    MSRP $41,745
    Cap Cost including $2500 allowance $36,600
    MF .00195
    Residual $26,600 (Could have sworn that the info sheet said 67%, so i might have this amount wrong) The percentage is based off of the MSRP and not the Cap cost correct?
    Monthly Payment with taxes rolled in $450
    $0 down payment
    $1,556.11 paid upfront (I believe not including DMV)
    Package includes Premium, Value, Navigation, Jet Black Paint (not metallic) 12k
    Heated Steering? I think he took it off when he rolled my taxes into the payment
    Is it better to pay the taxes upfront or roll them in? If i pay upfront i may lose it in an accident and if i roll them in I end up paying taxes on it so it seems like a lose/lose situation.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • jubjub Posts: 12
    We pd 370/mo with $2500 to dealer at closing. 10k, nav, heated steering, premium. What dealer? Manhattan was not as competitive as the one in rockland. I thought deals should be better now than months ago.
  • Forget to mention 12k
    Dealer is in Long Island actually
  • gokrogokro Posts: 3
    On a 2012 335i Coupe

    what are the money factor and residual for top tier credit, 36months/10k per year

    also i keep seeing people mention 2 months free worth of payments, would that apply to me?

    the $1000 cash allowance - can that be locked in? one dealer says yes the other says no.

    I'm ordering the car and it may or may not get here before may 1st...

    lastly is there a holdback for a special order car?
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 54
    I believe the two free payments offer only applies to leases on 2011 models.
  • mtvcamtvca Posts: 5

    So I just got this deal from a dealer for a 2011xi (I had contacted them to see if they had a car that matched this: il.aspx?enc=lzyp5fiPmbWDeSoFfYhALUO7g73b7g7OIG0xobz66X2EHRnh31oYKkXsK5ZXC1ec

    He came back with an offer for a car with:

    MSRP: 41,235 (car has premium package 2)
    Selling price: 38,175
    30 month lease
    10k miles a year
    3700 down
    $385 a month

    He said he would not give me the first two month's free because that was covered by the $2500 cash allowance and it was one or the other.

    I'd like to hear someone's opinion of it - I currently live in SF area. Frankly, I'm not really sure that it's that great of a deal - but not sure what to counter-offer him instead. I have perfect credit and would qualify for the best financing terms...

  • That is a horrible deal. Go to another dealership. You get to take advantage of all the offers. Basically, they give you a $2500 credit off the MSRP and dealerships will give you an additional $2000 off of that. You should at the very least be getting $4500 off the MSRP. Also, you should be getting the first two payments paid for as well.

    I picked mine up last week and the deal was as follows:

    2011 XI, Premium Color/Premium 2/Value/Steptronic/Heated Steering/Sirius/Xenons/Navigation

    MSRP: 43715
    Sales Price: 38000
    Acquisition: 725
    Taxes: ~$1200
    Monthly: $495 with 12k miles and taxes rolled in
    Due at Signing: $166 (DMV License Fees)

    As you can see, I am paying less than you and have a much better equipped car. I wouldn't even deal with that dealership b/c of their shady practices.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,595
    Dude - I would run as fast as you can away from that dealership! There's got to be a whole lot of other BMW dealers in your area.

    I picked up a $44,190 328xi with Premium, Value, Xenon, Navigation, Metallic Paint, & Split Folding Rear Seats for $5,444 off MSRP. My lease is 30 months with 20K/ year allowed.

    The 2 payment waivers come directly from BMWFS & are separate from the $2500 rebate that's also available.

    You should have no trouble getting this car for $2000 under invoice. Make sure they aren't marking up the money factor either.

    Good luck & keep us posted!

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  • mtvcamtvca Posts: 5
    Hi - thank you so much! Could I get the name of the dealer that you went through?

  • mtvcamtvca Posts: 5

    What dealer did you go through?

  • mtvcamtvca Posts: 5

    Could you give me the name of the dealer that you went through?

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,595
    I bought mine at Wide World BMW in Spring Valley, NY. I live in Southwestern, CT.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2017 Pilot Touring AWD, 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport 4WD

  • I got mine from Pace BMW. If you want someone to take care of you with a deal similar to mine, let me know and I can set you up with my guy.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,595
    Funny - I drove the car at Pace and really liked the salesman I dealt with. They had a fantastic price on the BMW, but came in $1800 less for my trade.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2017 Pilot Touring AWD, 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport 4WD

  • I just got back from the dealer who offered me the car for 327.99 per month with just under 4k down. Its the all wheel drive model with leather no nab no siriusxm. Can someone help me to know what a good deal on this model would be?

    Thank you
  • Hi Carman,

    What are the current lease rates for 2012 328i Sedans. 10,000 miles. Thanks!
  • Car_man (or others),

    I want to lease a 2011 328xi. Can you please give me the MF and RESIDUAL for the following?

    30-months @ 10K/yr
    30-months @ 12K/yr
    30-months @ 15K/yr
    If 36-months lease period also has similar promotions, can you please list those too?

    Lastly, what specific cash incentives are there now on this model? I see a $2500 rebate on Anything else?
    I am in the Chicago area (new to here), so any suggestions on a good dealership will be very helpful!

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks in advance!
  • james9487james9487 Posts: 9
    edited April 2012
    IDK about 12k& 15k, but 10k is 67% of base MSRP currently. Also, the MF varies, my guy first quoted 0.00195 (which is way too high) and I talked him down to about 0.00162 from my calculations.

    As for cash incentives, it's 2500 cash rebate PLUS first two months payments paid by BMW FS. Also, before we even started negotiating, my dealer offered total cash discount from MSRP of 4800 (off base MSRP of 41,125) and that's excluding the first two months paid. Sounds like a good deal but the MF is still too high in my opinion since the lease offer on appears to use a tiny MF of 0.0005542.

    In my opinion the MF should compare to the financing rate they're currently offering on 2011 models (0.9%), or at least 1.33% which appears to be how they calculate their advertised price on the 2011 lease. 2013 models are coming out soon and my dealer still has 20-30 2011 3-series left.

    Are my expectations realistic? Can you get a low interest rate on a lease?

    Thanks in advance,
  • I stopped by a local bmw dealership yesterday to look at the 2011 bmw 335d. I was a bit surprised to find out that the residual value for the car was 55%. the dealer also quoted a money factor of .0019. Car_man, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could confirm these numbers.
    If anyone else out there got a good deal on a 335d recently, I'd love to know the numbers. Thanks in advance!
  • How many months? 30?
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