Car Buying Advice - Mercedes C300 or BMW 330?

gwennagwenna Member Posts: 1
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Trying to decide between 2017 Mercedes C300 or 2017 BMW 330xi. I've driven the BMW 3-Series since 2005 - 2005 and 2010 - am looking for a new car. Anything I should be aware of when making my decision? Positive or negative about either that would help me decide? Do you think I would love the Mercedes as much as I have loved my BMWs?


  • DLuDLu NHMember Posts: 94
    I would like to refer you to a recent Motortrend article comparing those two, plus several competitors. I have a 2017 340i and I have mixed feelings. I am not surprised the 330 came in last in the Motortrend comparison. I got the 340i because it was a manual and the new I-6 turbo engine is very nice. I also got a killer deal on it. I personally would take my chances with the Giulia's reliability. If you want the "safe" choice, I would recommend the A4.
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