2003 Caravan Escalating Hesitation-Then-Jerk-Forward Issue

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1) About 2 months ago I started having a problem with the car sometimes hesitating, then jerking forward a little, especially when almost stopped. Also engine died once when going very slow < 5 MPH. Tried fuel injection cleaning; no difference.

2) Problem started happening more frequently. Engine died a few more times when going slow, though not very often. Also started hesitating and then going forward a little when going at faster speeds (20-30 MPH), though not as noticeable then.

3) Recently started doing the hesitate then jerk forward thing more frequently, including when just driving normally. Also, in addition to that, a new thing: sometimes when driving it will out of nowhere decelerate a little. Like all of a sudden I’ll start going slower, though not really noticeable speed-wise. More of just a feeling that something’s pulling it back.

4) Then, last night, I was driving at about 15 MPH when this deceleration thing happened again, but much stronger than before. It was a strong, sudden deceleration, and my small dog was pushed forward off the passenger seat onto the floor by it, and there was a slight squealing sound for 2-3 seconds, which then went away. (My foot was on the gas the whole time.)

So, at first I thought this might be the fuel pump, but now I'm don’t think so. Belt? Transmission? Any ideas? No check engine light at all these past few months. 2003 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3L flex fuel.



  • i had a buddy of mine that had a ford mustang and he was having problems such as yours and i replaced his fuel filter and that fixed everything. so try replacing the fuel filter and see what happens.
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