Strange noise from front (Driver) side of car

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I have a strange noise coming from my car (I have taken the car to two different mechanics) One claimed that he couldn't figure it out and thus concluded my transmission was gone. The second (Dealership) said it wasn't my transmission but that my motor mounts were bad along with brakes, rotors, lower control arms, and struts.

Well, today I had all 4 transmission & engine mounts replaced. But obviously, I still have the noise. I am not sure what is the next step. I was unsure if it could be my wheel bearing or possibly lower control arm.

Here is a video so you can kind of hear the noise. It is very rhematic (Almost sounds like its something stuck to my wheel.)

Also, I should note it's not really there while accelerating only when I let off the gas.

2003 Toyota Camry XLE 175,468 miles
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