2003 Mazda Tribute Gear selector cable

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I live in Australia. My son has a Mazda Tribute 2003 model and he had the same problem with the gear selector. I rang my mobile mechanic and he came out and had a look but he didn't know what the problem was. He told me I would need to get the car towed to Mazda on Monday. I looked up on line to see what the problem could be as his car is getting quite old and if it was a major problem, we would need to look at selling it and buying a new car. I came across this site and found the comments from Texas moon. I am a middle aged woman with no mechanical knowledge and I followed the instructions to locate the cable. And there it was, hanging loose just where he told me to look. I couldn't believe it! I was unable to loop it onto the rod and keep it on there as I didn't have any tubing etc. so I called my mechanic back. I explained what I had read on the internet and he said he would come and have a look. When he arrived, I showed him and he was able to put a clip on it to hold it in place. He didn't charge me anything and my son was able to drive to work. When he drove out of the driveway, I found the remains of the little round rubber "seal" that had been holding the cable in place. It obviously deteriorated over the years and when he has come home from work and put the car into park, the last little piece holding on has fallen away. I cannot thank texasmoon enough for the help . It saved my son a fortune on repairs, towing etc. Thank you thank you thank you!
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