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desperate stalling problem. please help!

harvestomanharvestoman Member Posts: 1
edited April 2017 in Mazda
sometimes while driving the car the engine struggles to maintain power and the radio keep going off and 2-3 seconds later I'm hearing my 'start-up' beeps and having a hello massage on the radio display ( as if I just started the car)  and then my radio starts normally again. My cruise control keep disconnecting as well. I can clearly sense the car is stalling but it never shuts off completely as long as my foot is on the gas. It keep acting like this until I slow down or park somewhere then my car shut off completely and the speedometer and the gauges go down and then all the way back. When I start the car a check engine light appears for several minutes until it suddenly disappears. However, I can drive normally for couple of miles until those symptoms keep coming back again. If anybody had something similar like this problem please tell me how to fix the car.

1) on-board diagnosis shows no error.
2) the car doesnt have any start up issues.
3) although not always, this usually happens when the A/C is on.


  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    First glance might appear to be electrical power issue. I would check battery cable connections and connection from cable to fuse box. After that perhaps an unusual intermittent alternator problem, maybe a longer term test might show that.
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