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Car Buying Advice - 2017 Cayenne Platinum Edition - any insight on discounts off MSRP?

smf2020smf2020 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2017 in Porsche
I am looking at purchasing a 2017 Cayenne, Platinum Edition. I am in NorCal. Any insight as to what I can reasonably expect with regards to discount off of MSRP? I've looked at Edmunds, TrueCar, etc for guidelines but am looking for real life input. Also, are Porsche dealers willing to show their factory invoice?
Thanks in advance!!


  • DLuDLu Member Posts: 94
    Cargurus shows you average price paid for some models in certain markets. For example, when I bought the 340i, I showed their price analysis graph to the dealer, and the dealer matched the "great price" for my market area, which was about 15% off. You should be able to get a dealer to take 10% off for the Cayenne, based on their graph.
  • NathanCrumbackNathanCrumback Administrator Posts: 508
    @smf2020, great question! We have our TMV tool, which you may have used already: https://www.edmunds.com/tmv.html. Our data is based off actual sales transactions we obtain.

    From a dealership perspective, if you can find two similar Cayenne Platinum Editions at different dealerships, this might incentivize the dealer to be more "generous" with their discount. We usually recommend looking up the TMV and taking at minimum of 2-3% off the TMV to start negotiations. You may find it necessary to take even more off. Depending on the dealership, they might be willing to show you the Invoice. As a reminder, our TMV tool also discloses the Invoice for the vehicle you build.

    Edmunds Moderator
  • smf2020smf2020 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks All!!!

    @NathanCrumback - thank you. Yes, I absolutely used the TMV tool on your site - it's fantastic and helped me negotiate what I feel like was a really good deal -- all without doing any of the negotiations in person.

    I had actually ran the numbers and had my target price in mind before I reached out here. I was looking to get some insight as to what others may have seen discount wise and get a feel if what I was targeting made sense or was unrealistic.
  • NathanCrumbackNathanCrumback Administrator Posts: 508
    @smf2020, I figured you already looked at the TMV and were looking for exampled. I'm not sure if anyone has any but it sure would be nice to hear from them!
    Edmunds Moderator
  • tonka858tonka858 Member Posts: 112
    Car is popular depending on dealer around 2k
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