What's wrong with my 2012 Honda Fit?

snijayfitsnijayfit Member Posts: 1
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Thursday morning, after turning on my headlights, I switched to my brights. The lights cut out completely. The fuses and lights themselves are fine (presumably, as I bought new lights to install for the brights, and that didn't change anything). What should I chase down next? Wiring issues? A bad switch?

Thanks for your help!


  • robertnaylorrobertnaylor Member Posts: 9
    well you should get the wiring diagram for your vehicle because if your lights just cut out and your car didn't die then its probably because of a relay or something like that. because your headlights are set up on a parallel circuit which means if you got a cut in 1 headlight the other one will still stay on because its still getting voltage from your batter. so it has to either be something from a relay or fuse. or maybe a bad switch.
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