2012 Kia Stereo Issues

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I have a 2012 Kia !, 95,000 miles on it. All I have had to do is oil changes and 4 tires, not even the brakes! Love the car but 2 weeks ago the stereo decided to stop working. Looks fine, picks up stations, rear view screen works, blue tooth seems to work but here is NO SOUND. I have reset the unit and even broke down and took it to the dealer who said, I need a new stereo. I cant say, in my lifetime, have I never had a stereo go bad. I went to Best buy and they said because of the UVO system they have an alert saying any aftermarket stereo may have intermittent problems and wouldn't install anything.

I'm looking for an OE stereo and am getting conflicting parts #'s. The original # is 96160-2k500wk (per Kia). The replacement # is R6160-2k500wk (per Kia). I called a used parts store and they say that part # doesn't match.

Does anyone have a clue to what part # I need of have experience with the same issue?
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