2001 Dodge Stratus 2.4L Sedan, No crank

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I have done extensive work on this vehicle over the past month (all sensors, full timing belt kit w/water pump, ignition coil, ignition wires, spark plugs and all fuses/relays in the box under the hood and in the cabin. That being said, Here is the lastest problem with the car...I got in it the other day and it fired right up as usual and sounded great (for about 1 minute) and then died as if i turned off the key. So of course I was like "what the heck is going on?!?!? I turned the key all the way off and then restarted it, it started right up again just to run for about 1 minute again and then died the same way. So now I am being optimistic and thought to myself I guess the 3rd times the charm...I was wrong! The car did nothing, no crank, no start, NOTHING! All of the dash lights come on and everything appears good as far as power goes. Since this happened I have pulled the battery out and load tested it (it passed) I also tried to put my tested back up battery in it to no avail. I have tested the starter and it passed as well. One piece of information that I have but I am not sure how to resolve is that my diagnostic tool under the PCM live data setting is showing the "veh theft security" a value of "Fuel Kill". Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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