Need help in identifying this light

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Hi guys! new to this forum.

I just wanna ask if you can tell me what's that yellow icon light on the speedometer? what is it for? or is my car having problems that is why it is showing. It used to show a couple of months back then disappeared for a few months now it's back.

I hope someone can enlighten me.

Thanks so much!


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    Check engine light, or CEL. Means something needs to be fixed. Depending on vehicle it could be something as simple as loose gas cap, or may be something more serious
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    That would be the check engine light. Any number of issues can cause it to come on. A loose gas cap is a common cause and since you say the light was on, went away, and came back, that might be where I'd start. Given that your car is a 2006 it may be a simple as the rubber seal on the gas cap is starting to dry out and not sealing as well as it used to. You can also go to places like AutoZone where they can check for the code that's associated with the light and give you a better idea of what's causing it.

    If the check engine light is flashing, THAT would indicate something serious that needs immediate attention and you should not drive the car. Driving with a flashing CEL could cause serious damage to your engine, Thankfully that's not your situation, but that's come up in a couple of posts lately with people wanting to know what a flashing CEL means. Good information for you to have in case you'd ever run into that situation
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    Thank you very much for your replies and advice! I'll check the gas cap first and have it checked it the light still does not go away.

    Awesome help and much appreciated!
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    I need help of i turn my headlights on i have no break lights
  • IsuzuIsuzu MsMember Posts: 2
    Of i turn my headlights on i have no breaklighrs
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