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09 chevy colorado 2.9 skips & pops back thru throttlebody when under load or hot but idles ok ,

viccin73viccin73 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2017 in Chevrolet
I have checked the computer for codes, replaced the mass air flow,throttle body,(1) O2 sensor & varible valve solenoid,checked converters,fuel pressure,temp.sensor to no avail.


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,767
    edited April 2017
    Is it a steady / rhythmic pop or random?

    Do you have a scan tool that can access misfire data? If so which cylinder(s) are the counts occurring on?
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    stevekruzichstevekruzich Member Posts: 33
    IF your backfiring through carb, thats timing issue. I would say it sounds like timing chain jumped a tooth.
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