Car Buying Advice - Comparison - 2017 Honda Cr-V EX or 2017 Subaru Forester Prem+Eyesight

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We are trying to choose between a 2017 Honda Cr-V EX or 2017 Subaru Forester Prem+Eyesight.
Below are our pros and cons:

Honda Pros:
More interior features
Modern interior
Steering feels great
Honda Sensing might be a little more advanced than Eye-Sight now?

Honda Cons:
Awful rear corner visibility

Subaru Pros:
AWD - not needed everyday but will be great when we drive to the mountains
Great visibility

Subaru Cons:
Reliability (Honda has Maintenance Minder but Subarus have oil issues?!)
No CarPlay
Insurance quote has been higher
Maintenance will be more expensive?

Would appreciate any words of wisdom!



  • choochoomanchoochooman Member Posts: 38
    I understand the rav and forester as well as rdx will be redesigned for 2018 might want to wait and see what they will be like
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