compressor noisy, high and low pressure the same

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I have a 1989 gmc jimmy s15, 4.3 ltr 6 cyl. motor
it has 100k miles on it
I had it converted to 134a 5 yesrs ago

1)It still blows cold air
2)The guages show 30 lbs pressure on both high and low. I checked the guages on another vehicle and the guages are
3) I put a can of 134a in it and I noticed that some 134A was leaking from the port when I removed the hose on the can. It stopped leaking after i put the cap on the port.
4) I suspect it may need a new compressor, dryer and orfice tube
5) How do I determine what is wrong
5) How do I determine if the compressor has gernaded and put metal into the system. If it has will I need a new condensor too or can I just flush it out?
6) how much 134A is required when I charge it back up if it pulls a vacuum ok.

Thanks for responding to my questions.


  • monty101monty101 Member Posts: 2
    The compessor is so loud it has my neighbors asking if my motor is fixing to blow up.
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