2001 Chevy Malibu won't start

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On Saturday I bought a 2001 Malibu to have as a work car. The guy I bought it from had the car for 14 years. He had all repair records and even had the Carfax. While looking at the car and test driving it, I probably started it 3 or 4 times. always started right up. I drove it home and it sat in the driveway until this morning when I was going to get the title and plates. Went out and it won't start. It turns over but won't start. Did some research and read about the common problem of the anti theft system. As I had started the car with both keys I thought this could potentially be the problem. All the posts about it talk about the "theft system" light blinking. Mine is not blinking it is on solid with the key in the on position and goes out when trying to start. Still, I went through all the reset procedures with no luck. Could my luck be so bad that right when I parked it in my driveway the fuel pump went out or something else major? please help!


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    Have you seen this youtube video? I notice he says the Theft light is on steady, just like yours.

    Part II

    Might be worth a try--it says turn key off for 5 seconds and then try to start after sitting with key ON for 10 minutes.

    You can verify gas pressure by pressing on the schraeder valve on the fuel line with safety glasses to protect your eyes and a towel to catch gasoline -- if it sprays out under pressure.

    To verify spark, take off one spark plug wire and lay it so it's almost touching metal. Have someone crank engine and see if you get a spark.

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