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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • You're very welcome, golfgod2.

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  • Hey Gordon. Don't bother getting Lojack unless your insurance company provides you with a discount that is at least equivalent to the money that you would have to spend to get it. You shouldn't care if your leased vehicle gets stolen. As long as you didn't make any sort of capitalized cost reduction, the only thing that you would be out is any acquisition fee that you paid. That's why it is never a good idea to make large down payments on leased vehicles. Consumers can and should lease any vehicle that they want without making any sort of cap cost reduction.

    Other than the Lojack, the other fees that are being added to your vehicle's cap cost, such as license, title, registration, and the $595 acquisition fee are legitimate and have to be paid.

    Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2006 Infiniti FX35 AWD with 10,000 miles per year are .00127 and 55%, respectively.

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  • Hi r8fx3435. I am sorry to say that it is going to cost a lot more than $300 per month to lease a 2007 Infiniti FX35. The only way to get this model's payment that low would be to make a large down payment on your lease, which is never a good idea. If you provide me with the MSRP and selling price of the exact FX35 that you are interested in, along with how long you want to lease it for and what sort of mileage allowance you need I would be happy to use Infiniti's actual lease program to estimate what your monthly payment would be.

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  • Hi dcrotty527. Unfortunately, the $2,000 dealer cash that Infiniti is providing on the 2007 FX35 is not compatible with its special lease program. If you lease this model through Infiniti Financial Services, the dealer does not get the $2,000.

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  • Hey dcrotty527. Infiniti's lease program for the FX35 varies depending upon a number of factors including whether you get 2WD or AWD, how long you lease it for, and what mileage allowance you need. For now I will assume that you are interested in a 36 month lease of a 2007 Infiniti FX35 AWD with 15,000 miles per year. Let me know if any of these assumptions are incorrect. Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 FX35 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00142 and 58%, respectively.

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  • Hi jdogmd. Unfortunately, the $2,000 dealer cash that Infiniti is providing on the 2007 FX35 is not compatible with its special lease program. Infiniti Financial Services' current 39 month, 12,000 mile per year buy rate lease money factor and residual value for the 2007 FX35 AWD are .00154 and 58%, respectively.

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  • My wife is considering a2007 FX35 with the Touring Package, splash guards, roof rails and the wind deflector as options . Can I get the MF and residual %'s for the following:

    39 months 2wd 12K vs 10K year
    39 months AWD 12K vs 10K year

    We want to put around 5K down. We live in the Charlotte, NC area. What is a good price?

  • Ok here is the deal that the dealer is offering me.
    07 FX 35 AWD with Tech/Nav, handsfree and touring packages
    Has 1700 miles on it because the manager drove it at some point.
    this is 27 months 15K/Year lease
    MSRP 46650
    Sales price 42755
    Money Factor 0.00125
    Residual 31552
    Before tax monthly 543

    good deal or not? How much more off the price can i possible get? the car does have some miles on it you know. Is the money factor good. Does having the miles cause me any problems? The risidual is a little unusual because of 27 months and because of 1700 miles already on the car.
    Advice will be greatly appreciated.
  • I typically pay for cars with cash, and was planning on doing the same with a FX-35. Since I don't put a lot of miles on a car (two people between three cars) and tend to sell cars in excellent condition, the dealer mentioned leasing with an upfront payment (better terms?) instead of buying to provide the choice to easily move to another vehicle at the end of the lease. What are the advantages to paying up front and what type of discount for price/money factor/residual should I expect?
  • I was able to get the numbers down a bit. Her is the final deal.
    MSRP 46650
    Sales price 42434.52
    Residual is 31573
    not sure what money factor he finally used but it is less than .00125
    595 acquisition fee
    250 doc fee
    monthly lease 530 before tax with zero down
    this is FX 35 AWD with tech, touring, hands free and a couple of other things.
    What do you guys think.
  • Steel_cranium,
    Carman never advises to put money down because if the car is totaled before the lease is over, you will loose all that money. Insurance will pay the lease company since they own the car but you will get nothing or not much. Pay monthly and put the extra money at hsbc or ING direct and you can earn a respectable 5% or possibly even more in the stock market.
  • gvkgvk Posts: 7
    Dear CarMan,

    Thank you for your help a lot!

    Best wishes
  • ajp7ajp7 Posts: 5
    Maybe you chaps can help me out a little here...
    I am looking at a FX35 2wd with touring package, MSRP at $40,010 and my price is at $36,500. MF is .00150 and residual 68% on a 27 month deal with 15K miles. All this comes out to $420 + tax. (12K miles is $405 + tax, or 10K miles is $390 + tax.)

    I understand that the good rates are only on the 27 month deals? Is this correct?
    The prices I was quoted for a longer lease with 10k miles were $425 +tax for 36 months and $416 + tax on 39 month deal.

    If anyone could shed some light on the residuals and MF's on these longer lease programs, or thoughts on this email, I would be forever in your debt. Cheers and thanks for reading.
  • Just picked up an 06 AWD FX35 with touring and hands free.

    Exact numbers are at home, but here's ballpark):

    Purchase Price: ~36k (MSRP ~42k)
    MF: 0.00076
    24 month lease with 15k miles/year
    2k down
    ~435/mo payment (including tax).
  • ajp7ajp7 Posts: 5
    I forgot to mention, all of this is with $2K total drive off.
  • koko4koko4 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum, but want to thank you all in advance for your input.

    '07 FX35 AWD
    Lease length: 24-27 months
    Out-the-door pmt: $0 - $1,000
    Options: Sport (which requires -> Hands-Free and which requires Touring)
    Would love to have satellite radio, but don't care about nav.

    What should I suspect in terms of final negotiated cap cost, residual value, and money factor in Southern CA (San Fernando Valley).

    Thanks again.
  • Guys, Carman, please tell me what you think about the following numbers I got from the Infiniti dealer today:

    This is with a money factor of .00125 and 70% residual for an '07 w/ Touring, 27 months lease with 10k /yr mileage.

    Invoice: 36,126
    Hands Free: 517
    Touring: 1121
    Splash Guards: 90
    Roof Rack: 214
    Destination Charge: 700
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------
    Total Invoice: 38,768

    MSRP is 42,290

    This is the deal:
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------
    Capitalized Cost: 39,100.00
    Total A.M.O.'s: 0
    Service Cont.: 0
    Tax: 831.43
    Doc Fee: 55.00
    Gov Fees: 5.00
    Total Cap: 39,991.43
    Cap Reduction: 0.0
    Net Cap.: 39,991.43
    Residual: 70%
    Total Depreciation: 10, 388.43

    Depreciation: 384.76
    Rent: 86.99
    Monthly Pmt: 471.75

    Pro-Rata: 0
    Cap Reduction: 0
    Tax: 0
    License Fees: 280.50
    Advance Pmts: 471.75
    Security Deposit: 0.00
    Bank Fee: 595.00
    Total Drive Off: 1,347.25
    Less Net Trade: 0
    Cash Due On Delivery: 1,347.25

    Deal State is New Jersey
    Rate: 1.250
    Term: 27 months

    Dealer said he is charging me around 300 over invoice, which brings it to 39,100. Which appears as the Capitalized Cost above. I don't understand why the Net Cap is listed at 39,991 ? It seems value 831.43 from the Tax field is added, is that the NJ tax bundled in? I did ask him to give me the figures with the state tax. Should it appear in the Net Cap however, isn't that the "negotiated, or selling price"?

    On the other hand the acquisition fee is not included in the Cap ?

    Also, should I be paying the Destination and Handling Charge or no?

    They also said Gap insurance is included and the disposition fee will be waived.

    P.S.: I was looking to get one in the end of 2005 but decided to drive my car for another year. Hopefully I learned something about leases since then, maybe not :) Looks like this year's model went up in price, and the MF went up as well...
  • i dont know much about leasing and was just recently informed about its ups and downs. i went to Atlantic Infiniti and started talking to a dealer and she was really pushing me to lease a Fx 35, and that i would only be paying 411.65 a month with a 3,000 down payment. Looking at this thread showed me that i actually never discussed the price of the car, we just jumped straight in to the leasing part. I actually dont even know if im get the sport, tech or touring package and now that i think i about she was just forcing me in to something i know nothing abut. she didnt mention any of the other aspects of leasing like the Residual and Gap insurance. so should i do business with her and is this a good deal?
  • I am finalizing a lease deal on a 2007 FX35 (RWD) that has the following:
    Diamond Graphite exterior
    Brick (red/orange) interior
    Touring/Hands-Free/Sport Packages
    Cargo Protector and Mud Flaps
    MSRP $42,610
    Invoice $38,951
    My price (Cap Cost) $39,451
    For 27 months (with $1500.00 due at signing) = $450.00 + tax
    For 39 months (with $1400.00 due at signing) = $457.00 = tax
    To me, I think we struck a very good deal. Now I have to decide how long to keep the FX35? (27/39 months)
    I contacted an out of state dealer via internet dept and was given the best quote vs local dealers, going thru internet sales dept seems to be the best route. I have done this before with other dealers and is worth the time contacting several dealers and for me driving 200 miles to pick up the new FX35. Good luck everyone!! Hope this helps!
  • hartthartt Posts: 79
    Here's the offer.
    '07 FX35 AWD
    Lease price:$39331 ($450 over invoice)
    27 months/12k a year
    I'm at a payment of $485.11 which included 6% tax. If I roll in the $595 acquisition fee it takes the payment to $509.25.
    Any thoughts??
  • konradekkonradek Posts: 5
    My friend just turn his car 2003 infiniti fx45 with tech package.His residual is $26,900.
    I am willing to purchase it. The salesman called me after 2 hours and told me it wil be 31,377 out the door, which is 2,000 more what it suppose to be. (taxes in nevada 7.5%).
    The told they have to buy the car from infiniti and the price is higher than residual which I think is crap.
    What do you think, any suggestions?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,099
    hmmm... well, you say he turned it in already? i'm curious as to the answer to this as well. I mean, if you went with him to turn it in, you probably could have worked something out. Better yet, what you really should have done was buy it from your friend directly.

    As it is, since he turned it in, it really did go back to Infiniti and the dealer had to buy it from them. Question is, what did they have to pay? I'd be surprised if they had to pay more than the residual, but I guess anything is possible. Maybe a dealer can help you with that question. (there used to be a "any questions for a car dealer" board, but I think that may have been shut down. you could always try "stories from the sales frontline" because there are lots of salesfolks who hang out there.)

    Anyway, I think the dealer is trying to make a profit, and there really is nothing wrong with that. Maybe you can get them down some, but I also have a feeling that may still be a decent price for that vehicle. Have you priced similar ones in your area?

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • maxim49maxim49 Posts: 41
    Car_man - I see that there is a $2,000 incentive for the FX35 AWD for March. Does this apply to leases as well?
    And if you can please provide the most current MF and Residual for the 27 month lease 12K miles/year, that would be great!
  • i work for infiniti. the $2,000 is only on a buy. there's nothing on the lease. the new rates on the march programs are actually great.
  • maxim49maxim49 Posts: 41
    Thank you. Can you please provide what the rates are for March?
  • mannandmannand Posts: 1
    I'm trying to negotiate a lease on an Infiniti FX35 AWD with the Touring Package in Delaware. But unfortunately I told them I was leasing before we discussed price so I don't believe I have the best Cap Cost that I could have. Please tell me what you think of the numbers below. The dealer knows I want this car and is holding firm but I will walk if he doesn't move. Should I be able to negotiate a lease based on the invoice price of the car which is just under $38,000 or possible below invoice? It seems that the cap cost below of $39,462 is high, Icould use some advice!! Are there other Dealers I should be talking with in the Delaware area?

    MRSP: 41,300
    Cap Cost: 39, this too high??
    Taxes & Fees: 1,921
    Total Cap: 41,383
    Cap Red: 3,000
    Net Cap: 38,383
    Residual 69%: 28,497
    Total Depreciation: 9,886

    Rate: 0.00125 = 3%
    Term: 27 months

    Dep: 366.17
    Rent: 83.60
    Sub Total: 449.77
    Tax: 8.64
    Monthly Payment: 458.41
  • sarubinsarubin Posts: 4
    Your cap cost seems to high. I test drive a FX35 today with a MSRP of $42,423. Without any negotiating they told me tehye would sell it to me for invoice which is $38,881. There is a $2,000 incentive to the dealer out there as well. I am sure with some negotiating I can get another $1k off the price. This is in Chicago, but should not be that different. You should e-mail all the dealers in the area as they all have internet pricing specialists. Tell them what options you want and ask for a lease quote. One dealer told me that he has to give the best pricing on his internet inquiries or the customer will never come in his door. Hope this helps.
  • maxim49maxim49 Posts: 41
    We're they going to lease it to you along with giving you the $2K incentive? The individual a few post before stated he worked for infiniti and the $2K incentive wasn't available on leases. I hope they are, because I want to lease one for 27 months.
  • geechulygeechuly Posts: 1
    I just signed into a lease over the weekend for an 2007 FX 35 AWD and want to know what the exact lease programs are for March to ensure that I got a decent deal.. We have not yet picked up the car they are running credit check and info tomorrow (Mon) so I still have time to back out. Pls get back to me asap!!!

    Lease terms 27months - with option to keep an additional 6months (month to month lease for same monthly pmt)
    3500 down - includes 2199 cash down and remaining is taxes, fees, registration, 1st month pmt.

    Monthly pmt: 415 (includes interest)

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey alisalim. The truck that you described has a spread of around $4,000 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. You were quoted a discount of $3,895, which is pretty good even with the mileage that it has on it. You may want to try to use the 1,700 miles as leverage to try to shave another couple hundred dollars off of this vehicle's price, but this deal is pretty good. The money factor that you were quoted is right in line with Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate for this model and term. If you like the truck, I personally don't see any reason not to go for it.

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