03' lincoln ls shudder. Need help!!

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New to this and hope this is the right place to ask. I have an 03' lincoln ls with the 3.9I v8. Just bought it, super clean and runs like a champ but it has a constant shudder at 15-20mph and one that comes and goes at 40-45mph. It does it while accelerating or while braking past these mph. It doesn't effect the acceleration or shifting, or anything as far as I can tell. It just feels like driving over a rough patch of road I guess if I had to describe it. I've had mechanics narrow it down to the driveshaft/ujoints or it's in the transmission(maybe even just something in the torque converter). But without pulling stuff apart and costing me a buttload, they can't pin point it further. I don't have the most money so I'm trying to figure out if I should get it fixed or dump it. I do have a father and brother who are mechanics but asking them for help is like pulling teeth so I'm trying to narrow down what's wrong before bringing it to them. So any advice is much appreciated!! Anyway, it was hooked to the computer while sitting and driving. It throws a code for a bad coil and that was confirmed. So I know it needs a coil, head cover gaskets, and I'm just going to replace all the plugs. But the mechanics agreed the "shudder" is a completely separate issue. They said they would start with the driveshaft to rule that out. Said it could be a balance issue, u-joints, or the rubber bushings. If that's all fine then on to the tranny. I was told maybe try some Lucas additive, but I've also heard bad things about doing that. I've also looked into flushing the tranny, which I'll change the filter and all the other fluids also. I don't know guys. Anyone else have this problem with the same car? Any luck with anything or pinpointing this problem? Any feedback helps. Thanx for your time. Please comment if u have any info. Don't just read and move on.


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    I have a 2000 LS and a vibration that i could feel in the "seat" turned out to be the "Carrier Bearing" between the 2 driveshafts. When your shop does this repair (and any good mechanic/auto body shop will do) - make sure they mark where all the driveshaft bolts are mounted with mulit-colored paint to ensure they are put back exactly - as this is all balanced custom -per each car.
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    A Missing Coil on Plug can cause an engine misfire and shudder, but it is mostly at all speeds and will definitely throw a code - as that cylinder will be throwing unburned fuel to the catalytic converter and eventually could ruin the converter if you drive too long.
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