2004 VW Bug Transmission

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Hello Out There,
Thank you for your posts on the problems with VW. I think the best advice comes from the man who traded his in for a Honda. The next best is from the class action suit guy (I'll be contacting you). All other advice and reports were helpful but discouraging. I have only had the car for 2 years. Bought it for $5000 with 50K miles on it. Ran very well for the two years, and then it did not. The jerking when starting was happening. I took it in. They claimed it wasn't a transmission so they fixed the whatever they thought it was. $1100 paid and drove away. "Wow", I said. "It's not jerking." And it didn't until the very next morning when it again started but only worse. Took it back in. They said they would drop the pan to see what was going on. A lot of metal in the pan so guess what, a new trans was needed. $3500 for a refurbished trans. I'll pick it up in two days and will report the good (hopefully) news. If not good news I am headed to Honda or Toyota.
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