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2013 and earlier Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Questions



  • dkquinndkquinn Posts: 4
    I am also wondering? I have a 2007 GC coming off lease 8/15. Spoke to one dealer the other day and he told me they were still waiting on numbers. I wouldnt count on any huge incentives on a newly released vehicle... Would be nice though if Jeep took care of it's repeat customers.
  • southpaw75southpaw75 Posts: 33
    Saw a silver one parked in my local dealer's lot. Sticker was $38k. I wonder what they will let these go for early on. Not a whole lot of markup.
  • aces_fullaces_full Posts: 16
    Yeah, the dealer i went to last would not budge or even let me drive it! I saw an ad in this weeks paper though that looks like they have softened somewhat - I'm pretty sure you can now get $2,000 off sticker, if not, off of invoice. I'm going to drive one tonight at another dealer. I might go with a G37x instead (much better lease) although i will miss having an SUV.
  • Looking to lease a 2011 GC Overland 15k/yr. Can you assist with August residual and money factor? I'm thinking the residual might be slighly different for the Overland.

    I would appreciate anyone's help...
  • Do you think it's best to go with a different dealership to return the lease or to the original dealership? Original says payout is 16.4K for GC 2007 and I've never leased before but am now looking for a used Honda with much better gas mileage.
  • valenkavvalenkav Posts: 18
    Any info about August MF & RV to lease 2011 JGC OVERLAND 36/12K?
    Is $1,500 Loyalty Bonus Cash still active? Thank you in advance.
  • 2011 GC Laredo X Package with NAV...MSRP is $37,390

    36 Month Lease/12K miles per year

    $1K out of pocket...$555 per month including NY State Tax of 8.875% and tags
  • Hi rounders,
    If Sale Price is around Invoice = $35,300,
    if $1,000 is your Down , MF (as APR ) is 1.64%
    and RV=48%, if bank (acquisition) fee = $700,
    I think your monthly (OTD) =$555 (I got $554.94!)
    is about right. Enjoy your Laredo!!
  • Hi...may I ask which dealership in NY you got this from? I got a quote for a Laredo X with Hemi this weekend on LI, $4K out of of pocket, $489/month...
  • JGC-Limited.

    The controls were different...but i could get used to them. Acceleration was good but the lag was very disappointing. The steering wheel felt nice but the car handled like a barge with a large turning radius. The overall ride I would put in the troop carrier category. Whatever happened to those big cushy seats in the Limiteds? the current seats are very thin and ,subsequently, hard and made for an uncomfortable ride. I like the bigger space but the fold down seats seem to leave a gap behind the fromt seats. Guess I expected more for $44.000.

    I was offered a small repeat customer discount (4%) on deal and no incentives are available...36/12 lease was around 620 before tax. I don't offroad so I am now shopping the X5 and new Cadillac SUV now....or keep the ol 2000 !
  • Sure no problem...Freehold Chrysler Jeep in NJ...about 30 mins from Staten Island.
  • Thanks so much!!
  • I got different impression after testing V-8 Limited JGC. Much better than my current 2008 Commander. Troops carrier? I don't know. Think they would be happy.
    Specs for Turning Radius giving different numbers. 42 ft for X5, 38.1 ft for Q5 (Audi),
    37.1 ft for JGC LTD. Not bad at all for JGC.
  • Do you have any information about September MF and RV for Overland V-6 from GMAC? Lease based on 36 months with 12K/yr and excellent credit and loyalty history. From one of Michigan dealer I got .00108 & 47% but not positive if his numbers are correct.
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    Looking for money factor,residual,and incentives for :

    Laredo with 26x option package

    36 mo,12k/yr. Located in Florida.

    Is the 4x4 cheaper to lease?

    Of course, if there is another monthly program that has better rates, let me know.

  • greez82greez82 Posts: 13
    Any update on lease rates and rv for the 2011 Cherokee?
  • Hi greez82. Chrysler's special lease rates for the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee in October are 1.27% for the Laredo, 2.82% for the Limited, and 2.59% for the Overland.

    This truck's residual values vary by term, mileage allowance, and trim level. I can give you an idea of what they are for the exact vehicle that you are interested in if you provide me with some additional details.

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  • greez82greez82 Posts: 13
    Thanks Carman I am looking for the rv on the laredo x and limited models 4x4

    36 months, 12-15k miles,
  • ok just got a quote from a dealer for a 2011 laredo 4x4 msrp 38875. Said they could do 1% under invoice which is 36265. this is for a lease so the deal is 36mos. 15k mi a year. and $0 out of pocket sign and drive for 550 a month. good deal?
  • Well I did the deal, laredo 4x4, 26x pckg,trailer pckg,panoramic sunroof,leather,backup camera,etc..... Msrp is 38,785 they gave me 1% below invoice, which is the friends and family discount. Plus took mycurrent lease back a month early and they paid the last payment. so I got a new 36 mos lease 15k mi a year $0 down $0 out of pocket sign and drive $540 a month.
  • I saw some posts wondering about the RV and MFso here is what was used on my deal Residual was 50% and MF was ( 0.0006) =1.4%. Like I stated in a previous post I got a Laredo 4x4 with 26x pckg,tow pckg,panoramic sunroof. MSRP 38,785 they gave me the friends and family discount without me asking for it, which is 1% below invoice 36265. and we did some further negotiating beyond that. in the end I did 36month lease 15k mi a year $0 down $0 out of pocket sign and drive $540 a month, oh and they gave me free oil changes for the life of the lease which was nice. Also i should mention that my lease is with US BANK not GMAC they also use ALLY bank,so the dealers are shopping around the banks for leases as well! all in all not bad, love my new jeep its more than I even expected I think Chrysler/ Fiat really nailed this one, hope my info helps someone.
  • greez82greez82 Posts: 13
    That is exactly the info i was looking for. thanks for posting! I am looking at the same model
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    Ally is the new name for GMAC..


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  • You wont be dissapointed if you get it, I am more than happy with the purchase. I'ts a sweet ride.,
  • salbksalbk Posts: 1
    Hey Corey, wish I would have read your post earlier. Just locked in a deal for the same model, 500 a month, 15k/36. 2g down, and another 2g for fees and first month. Seems like you got a great deal. They never mentioned friends and family and he was quick to go from 515 to 500. My current lease was up ,but had already paid the last month, so no deal there. I also leases it out of Manhattan so might have to do with the cost. Hope to enjoy it so much that I forget what I am paying.
  • This truck's residual values vary by term, mileage allowance, and trim level. I can give you an idea of what they are for the exact vehicle that you are interested in if you provide me with some additional details

    So I hope you don't mind if I take you up on that invitation. What would be the expected residual for a 48 mth 15m/yr lease for a 2011 JGC Limited no options MSRP $39,215? I am not liking what I am seeing. Thanks so much!
  • Ya Im in Indiana and the tax here is 7% probably a lot less than Manhattan. Enjoy your new ride.
  • Do you want to do a 48mos lease? or is the dealer suggesting that? was wondering because you'll have a full year where the warranty isnt covered.
  • Good point and realize that's a risk but appreciate any info on 4 yr residual value estimates. Thanks!
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