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2005 Sonata - Scrap it or fix it?

missystmissyst Member Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in Hyundai
I have a 2005 Hyundai Sonata with 55,000 miles on it. It has been a comfortable, reliable car - I bought it new.
The only quirk was sometimes the car would lock itself if the keys were near by or in the car.

Recently, the car was hit by another car -- the other driver was at fault and paid damages. I just paid $3500 (insurance money) to fix the rear fender and back bumper of the car. The day before the auto body shop was going to release it to me, they called and said the car had started running the windshield washers and the washer fluid pump all by itself (keys were a distance away.) It ran down the battery and then they couldn't start it.

I had to have it towed to my Hyundai dealer, who said certain places weren't getting voltage, and it was the junction box and it would cost $1700 to fix. And they couldn't guarantee that that was the only problem. I was going to give the car to my grandson for a high school graduation gift. But now it no longer seems reliable/safe, even if I fix it.

I tried to get another opinion from a mechanic who specializes in automotive mechanics, but he said he didn't have the equipment to diagnose a Hyundai.

One salvage place said they'd only give me $100 for the car if it's not running. The auto body shop said they’d knock $500 off the bill if I gave them the car. They might find used parts to fix it.

So I have a car with a good body, low mileage and bad electronics. Should I fix it? Cut my losses?

I wish the electrical had gone out BEFORE I spend so much on the bodywork. :(


  • JorikJorik Member Posts: 1
    Well, first of all I might say that 55000 miles that's fifteen years old is quite impressive and also dubious. I mean how come you drove it so little? I can suppose that the car spent quite some time in the garage without being driven for a while. That's where the electrical problems come from in my opinion. I suggest you try and fix it. If after what you've said above the car still has similar problems then scrap it at scrapi.com for example. There is no use in risking the safety of your grandchild.
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