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Car Buying Advice - Highlander LE and XLE price

napuelenanapuelena Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in Toyota
I am in market to buy Highlander Hybrid LE or XLE. What should be a good final cost for these models in north Delaware or south Philadelphia area


  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    I'm seeing $39,000 for the XLE. The gas models are discounting better right now. Hybrids aren't selling well right now due to low gas prices and you'd think discounts would reflect this but not the case. 
  • BlakeBlake Posts: 63
    @napuelena According to Edmunds True Market Value, which gives us the average price people are paying for a car in your area. A 2017 Toyota Highlander LE AWD, on average is selling for about $33,611, with an MSRP of $35,495. The XLE AWD on average is selling for $38,834 with an MSPR of $40,940.

    You can build, price and obtain TMV on any vehicle with the link below.

    Anything below the prices above would be a good deal. Please keep in mind these prices are for the Newark DE area and are for an LE/XLE with no additional options.

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