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08 Ford explorer Transmission Problem!!!

ali_dacostaali_dacosta Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in Ford
I have Ford Explorer that had the transmission repaired recently with an after market rebuild kit. After that, the car will only drive for a couple of blocks or 20 min then the tranny quits. No drive or reverse. I let it rest for 2 to three hours then it goes again for another 20 min. my machanic told me it was the torque convertor. we changed it...same thing. Now he says is the solenoid pack. Its is the 5R55S I belive. It seems to me that it happens when the tranny fuid gets hot.
It seems he is not sure and is not a good mechanic per say. the problem is I leave in Angola (africa) and I dont have much choices on mechanics 'round here. So I'm stuck with him.
My question is, can anyone help by telling me what could be the real problem so I can order the right parts. Jus to let you know I have to order the parts online from the U.S and shipping is not cheap.
Attached are some pics of the transmission.

Please Help!!!
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