Car Buying Advice - Is this a good deal on 2017 Rogue SV AWD?

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Hi. I'm in Illinois and have been trying to find the best deal on a 2017 Rogue SV AWD. The one I've been quoted on is the midnight edition. Based on what I see in the area it appears to be a good deal however I saw some folks on leasehackr that got better ones. Not sure if location makes a difference and currently there are no lease incentives. I have a c level VPP code but salesman told me "unless my dad was president of Nissan" there isn't a VPP code that would get a discount more than what he is quoting. Here are the numbers for 36/15k. Please advise

MSRP: 28,745
Sale price: 25,746
MF: .00003
RV: .57
Acquisition fee: 595
Doc fee: 199
DMV fees: 145
VIN Etching (non negotiable): 229
Sales tax: 7%

Acquisition fee and taxes are capitalized. Monthly payment comes out to $295 with $0 down and drive off is $893.



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    Edit to the above. $295 is with all fees and taxes capitalized so ignore drive off.
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    @stills7 According to Edmunds True Market Value, which is the average price people are paying for a car in your area. The midnight edition on average sells for $27,595 and there is only an $800 dollar lease cash rebate currently being offered. This brings the adjusted TMV down to $26,795, the dealer is giving you almost another $1,050 off the car, a very good deal.

    The RV should be 60%, I have it as 58% for 15K miles a year and there is a 2% bump for 12K a year. The MF they are offering you is correct, but the adjusted RV is almost another $23 dollars a month. $28,745X0.03=$862/36=$23.94.

    If that is adjusted the payment will reflect so and you will have a great deal! I would also ask the dealer to show you the VIN sketching, if they have not done it yet, it is negotiable.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    I got below quote for Nissan Rogue SV AWD + Upgrade to Leather.

    Base Price: $24000+ $1495 (Leather) = $25495 + TTL

    W/out Leather
    Final OTD - $24000 (Base) + $2650(TTL) = $26650.

    Is this good deal, your comments.?
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    Hello @sk032013 thanks for the update! A base SV in your region has an average selling price of about $25,000. This is including a $1,500 dollar rebate currently being offered by Nissan. Their offer of $24,000 plus the cost for leather is very fair!

    Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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