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Two problems: brakes and sunroof

dtenbrinkdtenbrink Member Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in Hyundai
I bought a lightly-used Elantra just over a year ago for $3,000. It bought it through an auction site so it was a risk for me. Luckily, the car was in really good shape, no rust and looked pretty good.

There were no problems with the car until a few months after I bought it. First, the sunroof didn't seal completely. It would close, but the rear edge wouldn't lift and sit snug with the roof. It didn't leak when it rained, but you could hear the air flowing through it when on the highway. Closing it manually with the crank and resetting the controls didn't work either. I brought it into my dealer a month ago and since they could only find the problem by replacing each part piece by piece. The parts alone would have cost more than the car itself, not including labor. I'm planning on digging into it myself.

The other problem is with the brakes. Last summer it seemed like they had become spongy all of a sudden. I bought new pads and replaced them. The originals had very little wear. I had a local garage bleed them for me which helped but they weren't stop-on-a-dime good.

Last Friday while driving in light city traffic, I had to brake harder than normal. I didn't have to lock them up, but the pedal went to the floor. Since then, I have to pump them at least once to keep them from going to the floor. If I have to stop in a hurry, I won't make it. I'm taking them back to be bled again and to see if the mechanic can find out what's wrong.

I haven't had to lock up the brakes badly the entire time I've had this car, but it seems strange that this has happened twice in less than a year.
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