2013 Traverse traction control issue FIX

speedyt86speedyt86 Member Posts: 3
edited May 2017 in Chevrolet
I've seen many Traverse and Acadia owners having a traction control off, stab track requires servicing, and reduced pwer issues. My 2013 Traverse with 50K on it had these issues after months of trying to figure out what was going on I had mechanics from Gerren Chevrolet in England Arkansas look at my car because after I described to them what was happening they thought it was a wiring issue which I thought it was too. They looked at all the wiring and found loose wiring harness under the fuse box along with a bent pin. I have had my car back a full week and have not had any issues. Before I would drive about 20 miles it would die or give me all the above errors. I would always get the same code, believe it was P1862. I hope this helps, I like my Traverse was hating the thought of getting rid of it, not to mention I just bought it and would have lost a lot of money too.
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