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Car Buying Advice - Is this a good lease deal?

albeezyalbeezy Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in Chevrolet
Colorado, Crew Cab, Long box, Z71, 4WD, Midnight Edition
MSRP $43,085
In Maine
They're offering $1300 off the price and $1500 additional lease incentive
And I have trade equity in the amount of $2359
12/36 $405/mo
10/39 $374/mo
12/39 $390/mo
MF is .00177
Residual is 29,297

What are you thoughts on this deal?


  • Hey @albeezy ! Thanks for reaching out to Edmunds. I priced out the truck within $5 of the truck you mentioned, and got an Edmunds TMV of $41,396, showing roughly a $1,600 savings. You may be able to wiggle around a few hundred extra bucks as this is still $700 above invoice. I'm seeing a 69% residual value for 12/36 with a rate of 4.25% (0.00177). The 67% I believe if for a higher mileage. I'm coming up with payments right in line with this, and it's fair. Is the Maine Excise tax going to be paid separately? Overall, it looks like a very fair deal. I'd try to get another few hundred bucks off if possible to line it up with our TMV, but i'd try to negotiate on it just a little bit and you'll be in a sweet spot!
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