Hearing hitting sounds from under the car beneath my legs when hitting bumps - Chrysler 300m 2003

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Hi I've got a 2003 chrysler 300m and a month a go I replaced the rear struts, front lower control arms, and front stablizer and their bushings.Then I took the car for an allignment and 2 days after that, I started hearing a sound under my legs from under the car when hitting the bumps ( specialy when turning left and one of my wheels hits a bump , the sound also sometimes gets repetitive when going on an uneven or abit bumpy road and it feels as if someone is hitting the car from beneath with a hammer. So I went to the mechanic and he said it could be the sway bar bushings, so I replaced them but the sound is still there, then he said it could be the front struts, so I replaced them too but still nothing, then he said it could be the inner cv axles of the driveshaft, so I replaced both driveshafts and their axles but still nothing. His last guess is the output bearing of the transmission to the inner cv axle. But I cant trust him anymore after all this. Please help me find out what could be the problem. Thanks.


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