Just bought used Acadia, want to exchange. The whole deal is a mess, please help

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It's a 2014 base model GMC Acadia SLE. We've had it a week and while it seems to drive okay, I have noticed some cosmetic damage I didn't notice on the car lot.

First off the car was advertised for sale on the dealer's website, and when we went to the dealership to look at it, it was not even on the lot. It was in the back, parked in a corner. It was filthy, and had writing all over the windows. The car salesman said they had just purchased it at auction a couple days prior so there were numbers and the word "sold" on the windshield.

Long story short, I test drove it and worked out a deal and bought the car. By the time all was said and done, it was dark outside. They cleaned the car for us and we drove it home. The next morning I noticed two cracks in the windshield on the drivers side that I hadn't noticed at the car lot because of it being dirty and then dark outside when we left. They weren't huge cracks, but significant. We let them know that day about the cracks and the dealership has agreed to fix the window.

I haven't taken it in for the fix yet but, the longer I've owned the car the more dings and scratches I am noticing on it. For instance there is one on the top of the trunk where you open the back. Looks like something rammed it pretty good. There is also a large, deep, vertical scratch on the very top of the trunk. Also, the frame inside the car where the ac and radio are, is loose and rattles unless you stick a bobby pin or some kind of other object to balance it. Very annoying.

These are minor inconveniences but the other issue I'm having is that I'm regretting not buying the upgraded trim model instead of just the base model vehicle. I'm really missing the power seats and integrated garage door opener. I would've loved the remote start feature as well. Not sure why I knee jerk reacted in buying this car, probably because they pressured me. Come to find out, this car was a loaner car, which explains why I found a baby spoon, toy car, cheerios and goldfish crackers under the mat of the middle seats.

I honestly don't feel like I got a great deal on this car as well and now with the cosmetic damages and finding out it was a loaner. I was never given a carfax or told what the car's maintenence report looked like. It didn't even have a sticker on the window so I'm not sure it it was sold "as is" or what. Also, since the dealership just bought it at auction, did they even do an inspection on the vehicle before they let us drive off with it? Everything about this feels shady and I'm just looking for opinions on what I should do at this point. Car has 40,000 miles.


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    It sounds like an unprofessional dealer and a buyer with a case of Buyer's Remorse.

    You can certainly run your own Carfax report on this car. They charge a small fee for this. Be aware that service departments may or may not report maintenance work to Carfax.

    Most three year old cars will have some scratches and imperfections but these can be repaired.

    You can always ask that store if you can trade it in for something more to your liking.
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    At this point, if you still have it, go to Carmax or KBB for their offer, sell it, then move on.
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    Unfortunately, used cars are sold "As Is" and unless there are terms in your purchase contract that say you can return the vehicle within a defined and usually short time frame, there is no recourse. You get what you pay for, warts and all. Sell it off if you're not happy.
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