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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • Jules, which dealer?
  • riminirimini Posts: 31
    You are right on target Patsfan2:) I got the car at $1000 below invoice. Whether you believe me or not is up to you. Call Lexus of Edison and mention the name of Mark Yuzovitskiy (name of the actual leasee). Also, just to clarify things, the included tax and DMV fees were for Pennsylvania and not NY. The tax for PA is 9%. When dealer sells the car at below invoice he still makes money on the deal, just less money))) The dealer has a so-called cashback incentive from the manufacturer.

    Good Luck!

    Gene K
  • Hi Gene,

    Congrats on your new Lexus.

    I am in the market for the same vehicle. When I calculated your lease numbers, it appears you paid slightly over invoice price (not below). Your list price must have been approx, $45,866, up front fees must have been around $1,000, 36 month residual 10k should be 57%, money factor .00155, $1500 out of pocket, 9% sales tax. If these numbers are correct, you paid slightly above invoice price ($40,700).

    Still a great deal.
  • My dealership in Houston charged us .00225 for our money factor on a 36 month lease with 12K miles per year.

    We were told we had excellent credit. I am seeing money fatcors here of .00155. Is this what we were supposed to get during the sales event in December? and...can I get this rectified if so?
  • Just to add to this information - the dealership said they were absorbing the sales tax on this vehicle as part of their promotion for December. Is there normally a sales tax that is added to the purchase price of a LEASE or is it normally added to the monthly payment?

    Here is the deal we made:

    2008 Lexus RX 350 FWD w/ Nav, Prem. Plus, Heated seats & Rain sensing wipers, Liquid Graphite 18 inch wheels, Cargo mat and wheel locks
    $44,466.00 MSRP
    + $300.00 Front Tinted Windows (dealer installed)
    + $200.00 pin stripe

    $41,000.00 (Paid, savings of $3, 966.00)
    + $134.05 (Title, License, Registration fees)
    + $600.00 (Acquisition fee)
    + $506.00 (L&M fee and Doc fee)
    $42,240.05 (total capitalized cost for the LEASE)

    $632.70 monthly (36 month/ 36K Lease with .00225 money factor, $632.70 due at signing which was first month payment)

    (Dealer provides free loaner car for services except oil change and free pickup and delivery for any major service such as the 15K service. All services are free for first 25K - I am assuming this is standard for any Lexus new car lease or purchase? Except for the free pickup and delivery for the 15K service?)

    It appears from this forum that the BUY rate for this lease is .00155 from LFS to the dealer, during the December to Remember Sales Event. The dealer has to work from this. I understand there will probably be some mark-up, but at this point, I am wondering if I paid too much of a mark-up at .00225? I am not sweating it though, I didn't find this forum until too late. I am educated for my next rendevous. They did start at .00255 and reduced it to .00225. They themselves told us we had excellent credit.

    I would appreciate any feedback on this deal and also, what are the facts with sales tax on a lease? Did I indeed receive a 'special deal' on this that you normally don't get outside of their sales events, where they 'absorb' the sales tax cost? They charged the L&M fee (1.25 percent) as part of that 'deal', giving me a net savings on sales tax of about 1800.00 or so (??).

    The market is Houston, Texas.

    TIA for any feedback!
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    I'm not sure how it is done in Texas, but in Washington the sales tax is added to each lease payment. You didn't state the residual used in your lease calculation, but assuming it is 56% (which is what CarMan provided in earlier posts) then I get a lease payment of $625.56 without adding any tax. A calculation using the Tier-1+ money factor of .00155 gives a lease payment of $578.37. Adding a 9.1% tax to that would give a payment of $631.00. I think your dealer is "absorbing" the sales tax (and more) by charging you the much higher money factor! Deceptive!
  • Thanks briegel...It appears in Texas, not sure, but you pay the tax up front otherwise, no matter what the promotion, they would have to show a monthly breakout of the sales tax on the financing disclosure, which they do not, it simply lists the payment.

    Two dealerships mentioned this sales tax promotion, so I think it is very legitimate. I would like to hear what other Sales event customers have experienced this month.

    Maybe it is because of the sales tax absorption, basically a gimmick (shrugs), that they may not have had the room to provide a lower money factor. But I am sure I could have negotiated a few points lower if I knew their buy rate.

    Overall I feel good about the deal, but i woul dfeel very good if I could confirm that I indeed saved a legit 1.5-2 grand in the deal via sales tax gimmick.

    And of course, I learned much from the experience and I do love the car.
  • Thanks Car man. Just leased my 2008 Lexus RX last Friday. Decided not to get Navigation System. Felt I didn't really need it. Anyway, here is the deal I got with the Lexus Dealer in Birmingham, AL.

    Got the 2008 Lexus RX Luxury Value Edition, with memory seats, rainsensing wipers, and towing prep package for $37,000. 36 month lease with .00155 money factor, 15,000 miles per year. Monthly payment including lease tax is $546. Paid $965.00 up-front fees. Considering there is not much competition for the dealer in our area, I feel I got a pretty good deal. I'm VERY HAPPY WITH MY NEW LEXUS!!! Thanks for your help.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    You essentially got the equivalent of the "December to Remember" promotion money factor (.00155) and paid the sales tax (rolled into the lease payment). They just played games with how they presented it to you.
  • Just to make sure we have FACTS here, to help us all...They spoke of L&M money and this was listed on the sales/lease contract as part of the fees.

    They mentioned that Lexus, not them, was payin 5 percent of the sales tax. Subtracted from our 6.25 percent rate in Texas for new car purchases. They essentially aborbed about 1800.00. We paid the other 1.25 percent via the L&M fee itemization.

    They started at .00255 at the one dealership in town and when we mentioned to the dealership that we eventually bought from that the other dealership offered .00225 money factor, they matched it with no questions.

    Both dealers volunteered the sales tax promotion info so I don't think this was a sales gimmick/sleazy tactic ONE of the dealers used. I think it is a GIMMICK but somehow it comes from LFS and is either regional or national. The GIMMICK does seem to save you money but its playing games, confusing to the customer, I certainly would rather not play games.

    I'm just curious if other purchasers this month were told about the sales tax promotion and what kind of MF they paid. I want to know if we way over paid on the MF. If so, I have issues with my local dealership. Of course it is contingent on what the bottom line out-the-door lease payment was...i.e. if they did indeed play games with numbers but we still got a good overall deal because they gave us a higher discount on the car, then ok, but I know next time I will be a much better informed lease customer.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    That promotion must be regional. They (LFS) are getting the sales tax promotion covered by a higher money factor than is available in other parts of the country. It probably works out to be about the same.
  • Yes...I am thinking it must be regional as I don't see anyone here talkign about it...

    They do mention that there is x amount of taxes and fees rolled up into the monthly payment. Bottom lin eis- if it is tax need ot be able to separate out that tax...
  • Longo Lexus through their Internet dept (This is the 4th car my husband and I have bought/leased from Longo Internet dept.) I would recommend them for Toyota and Lexus. They don't tack on "paint protection" "lojack" or any "extras" as many of the other SoCal dealers seem to do. We have found the best price their, probably because they are the biggest dealer in SoCal.
  • Does anyone know if the 400h qualifies for the Dec to Remember lease money factor of .00155 posted elsewhere on these forums. I am being told the mf for the hybrid is .00275 and that the lower mf is only for the gas RX. I am getting a good discount off MSRP of $3,000. Thanx!
  • briegel, was this money factor on a 400h or the gas RX? Thanx, John
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    My understanding is that the .00155 money factor is for the RX 350...the 400h money factor is .00215. These are both for Tier-1+ credit.
  • Thank you so much! I thought I was getting taken!
  • I just got back from the dealership and here is the offer they made to me on a 36 month lease on a new RX350 - I wanted to see what everyone thought concerning if this was a good deal or not. The deal is for $507 a month, and I am paying the first month, lic, fees.. in the amount of $1500 to sign and walk away with the vehicle. The money factor is good at .00135, and I have not seen any deals as good as this one. The only caveat is that I have to do it by the 2nd of January. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • Can you give more details? How many miles per year is this? That sounds like a great deal to me.
  • The mileage is 12K a year for 3 years. For 15K in mileage it goes up to the high $520's. I was offered the deal a few days ago, but I was looking at another vehicle as well from a different brand. They started to change the numbers at the other auto brand so I walked away from the deal despite having taken the care home that night for the wife to see. We were 99% sure we were going to do the deal, but when I looked at the numbers I told my wife we can get a Lexus for that amount so I went back to Lexus to see where we were. Thanks for the feedback.
  • What is the list price (MSRP) on the car?
  • IIRC it was right at $42,000. From what I have read on this board it sounds like a good deal, and the dealership I went to needs to move some units before January 2nd so they are being aggressive.
  • Thanks, I know how to calculate leases. I can let you know how good the deal is. Please let me know the following piesces of information:

    List Price: $42,000 (is this the exact amount)
    Purchase price: (this is part of the formula for how the lease is calculated.
    Residual %: I think its 56% for 3yrs, 12k miles/yr.
    State Tax %

    With this information, I can let you know what the monthly amount should be. I would be interested to know close the purchase price is to the invoice price.
  • Here is what I have down for the info they gave me.

    MSRP $41635
    Sales price $37465
    Money factor .00135

    $499 Lic, trans....
    $1500 down

    3 year lease at $507.74 for 12K in miles per year

    Thanks for looking at this.
  • dude12dude12 Posts: 1
    Here's what I've been offered. I've learned that if you apply for Lexus credit through the Lexus website, you can lock into the 'December Remember' rates for 30 day period.

    Philadelphia area. This is a lease through Lexus Financial...

    MSRP $43,121.00
    Selling price $39,300.00 ($500 over invoice)

    Money down (includes first payment) $779
    Monthly payment with tax $572.79

    10K miles/36 Months
    Residual value $24,578.97 (57%)

    Money factor is 0.001550
  • Just picked up an 08 RX 350 with the premium plus package

    MSRP 41,816.00
    Sale Price 37,298

    Lease Rate $601 due at signing first month and fees.

    Monthly Rate 530 a month tax included

    12k/36 months

    Got This Deal at JM LEXUS
  • Hello All,
    I have been watching this forum and I can tell you that all these messages have been really helpful. We just took delivery of our new RX 350 and are pleased to say that we closed the deal that we negotiated with Lexus of Massapequa. They are Great about not playing any games once the deal is done!

    Here are the the stats:
    2008 RX 350 lux + NAV, MSRP 45771.00
    CapCost = $40448.00
    12k Miles
    36 month
    56% residual
    .00155 money factor (710 FICA)
    $3000 + 1st payment of $514(includes tax, bank fee, etc)

    Are we satisfied? Very much so. Quite too often dealers try and screw you somewhere in the deal (usually finance).But this dealer did not. This is our first RX and we very satisified.

    Happy New Year!

  • Congrats on your new RX.

    When I use the lease calculator, I am getting $499/ month vs your amount of $514.

    What do the up front fees add up to? I used $1145. (For Bank Fee, registration, license, etc).
  • jebelljebell Posts: 54
    Car Man,
    Can you tell me the current money factor and residuals for a 08 rx350 with prem plus and nav. 12k/yr 36 months.
  • i almost leased an rx350 with msrp of 45,550. the dealers final offer before i left was $520 a month (includes tax), $2000.00 total drive off, 15k miles a year, 36 months. good deal, but my wife wanted an mazda cx9!!! tustin california

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