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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • Hi jmcmbz. The truck that you described probably has a spread of around $5,300 between its full MSRP and dealer invoice price. You were quoted a discount of right around that amount, so I suspect that you are at right around dealer invoice. This is a good price for a lease of an '07 RX 330. Through September 4th, Lexus Financial Services' current residual value for a 36 month lease of an '07 RX 330 FWD with the entertainment system option is 54%. This residual value is set by LFS and individual dealers do not have the authority to alter it. This truck's 12,000 mile per year residual value is 56%. The money factor that you were quoted for this is right in line with LFS' current buy rate for a 36 month lease of this truck for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier.

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  • Hi sunny5117. Through September 4th .00175 is the correct money factor for a supported lease of a 2007 RX 330. "MSD" stands for Multiple Security Deposits. Through this program, lessees can make additional security deposits on their vehicles. Each additional deposit lowers the money factor that is used to calculate their monthly payment by .00010. A maximum of nine additional deposits can be made can be made. This program is available in every state but New York.

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  • Congratulations on your new truck, sdani. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your lease with everyone. Enjoy!

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  • Hi nhraguy. This truck's money factor is supported by Lexus and cannot get any lower than the factor that you mentioned, but its MSRP is negotiable. I believe that the truck that you described has a spread of around $5,100 between its full MSRP and dealer invoice price. A $3,000 discount on it isn't bad, but in an area that has a lot of competition, like the NY metro area does, I would not be surprised if you were able to beat this deal by shopping around a little bit. Have you comparison shopped with a couple of dealers. It wouldn't hurt.

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  • Hi,
    I'm looking to lease the RX 400h and I want to make sure I ask the right questions to calculate my lease. Are all these points available for disclosure by the dealer? Are there other questions I should ask? Thanks

    Money Factor
    Lease Inception Charge
    Lease APR

    I'm looking to lease for 36-40 months at 12,000 miles a year at a Teir 1+ level.

    Any insight would be great, thanks alot!
  • Hello

    I'm sure you must get this alot, but I am trying to negotiate a lease with a couple of dealers. I'm in the Mid-Atlantic region. Here is my current best deal, and I wanted to know what you thought about it and if I can make improvements.

    This is for a 2007 RX350 Premium Package ( No Nav ) AWD

    Lease is $400 / Month
    36 Months
    12,000 / year

    Cash to bring in

    $325 for something, can't remember
    $400 for security deposit
    $400 for 1st month lease
    $1,300 for tax
    $600 for bank fee

    what do you think and where can I make improvements?

  • sdanisdani Posts: 10

    Do some reading about leasing. Also read this one:

    By paying 2500 down as captial cost reduction, you are not really going to gain much. You can try changing the classification of that 2500 to "Multiple Security Deposits" instead of Capital cost reduction and that should reduce total cost of your lease.

    Paying all 1300 tax at the time of signing is also not a good idea. If you have that money to pay upfront, asks them to treat that also towards "Multiple Security Deposits".

    Bottomline - Don't just look at your Monthly payment. The numbers that you should be looking at are the following:

    1. MSRP of the truck.
    2. Selling price that you negotiated with the dealer (read what others are paying on this forum).
    3. Money Factor of the lease (with and without multiple security deposits, i.e. get both numbers from the dealer)
    4. Residual value after 3 years.
    5. Any other fees that dealer is asking at the time of signing.

    Once you have these 5 numbers, post them here and someone can suggest you if you are getting a good deal or not.

  • djdezdjdez Posts: 79
    Hello ...

    I was told that on the '07 RX 350 AWD, that on a 36mo/12k year lease, the residual is 58% and the money factor was .00155 for the month of September. Now, Car_Man had posted it as being .00175 UP to the end of the summer event on September 4th ...

    So, does anyone know what the CURRENT money factor would be, as of TODAY for the rest of September, and beyond ? I'm seeing .00175 and that's what one of the dealers told me, but I also have .00155 from another very trusted source.

    Thanks in advance !!!
  • MSRP=44100
    Selling Price= 38,564
    Money factor= Salesman didn't know
    Residual= 24,267
    Drive off cost= 1599(including bank fee/DMV fee/Title
    monthly fee= 544.77+42.22(tax)= 586.99

    FICA Score=763

    Is this a good deal?
  • According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2007 Lexus RX 350 AWD... with an MSRP of $43,033 and a selling price of $39,723 through Lexus Financial Services right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $513.


    Hi, first time post. I had a question on your calculation because I first couldn't get the same number you came out with. But I figured it out. My calculation is as follows:

    MSRP: $43,033
    Price: $39,723
    Residual: $25,389.47 (MSRP x 59%)
    MF: 0.00175

    Depreciation = Price - Residual
    = $39,723 - $25,389.47 = $14,333.53
    Depreciation/month = $14,333.53 / 36 = $398.15

    Rent = (Price + Residual) x MF
    = ($39,723.00 + $25,389.47) x 0.00175
    = $113.95

    Monthly payment = Depreciation/month + Rent
    = $398.15 + $113.95
    = $512.10/month
  • I currently have a 03' ES300 lease that will expire in April of next year and is currently thinking about leasing the ES350 or the RX350. My question is does anyone know what the base rates for following on the RX350 are?

    Invoice of car (Is it $34,338?)
    Money Factor
    Bank Fee (aquisition fee)
    Return fee?
    Any training fees?
    MACO fees?
    residuals for 3 and 4 year lease?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance!
  • HI element3. The two main numbers that you should focus on when negotiating a lease on this truck are its selling price and its money factor. These are the two main profit centers for dealers on leased vehicles. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Negotiate a low a selling price as possible on the truck that you want and then have the dealer that you are working with calculate its monthly payment using Lexus Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor. It is important to insist that they use the buy rate because dealers are allowed to "mark-up" vehicles money factors to add additional back-end profit to deals. I believe that LFS' current buy rate for a 36 month lease of a 2006 RX 400h is .00190 for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier.

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  • Greetings prof_dave. You never mentioned the selling price or MSRP of the RX 400h that you are interested in leasing. These are important numbers for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing this truck's selling price in relation to its MSRP you don't know how much of a discount you are getting on it. The second reason is that one needs the selling price and MSRP, including the destination charge, of a vehicle to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to give you my opinion of this deal if you let me know what these numbers are.

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  • Hey djdez. According to the latest information that I have see, Lexus Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for the 2007 RX 350 AWD is .00175. Where did you hear that it is lower than that?

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  • Hi xando05. If I am not mistaken, the selling price that you were quoted for this truck appears to be below dealer invoice. That is a very good deal. Just make sure that the dealer you are working with uses the '07 RX 350's buy rate lease money factor of .00175 to calculate your vehicle's monthly payment and you're in business.

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  • Welcome aboard markish. I also came up with $512.10 per month, but I usually just round up payments to the nearest whole dollar amount when posting them in the forums.

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  • Hi val3ntin3s. It is likely going to be fairly expensive for you to get out of your ES 300 lease now if it is not scheduled to expire until April of next year. If I was in your situation, I would wait until I was closer to the scheduled end date of my current lease to get something new. If were to lease a base 2007 RX 350 AWD through Lexus Financial Services right now for 36 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value would be .00175 and 56%, respectively assuming that you qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier. The numbers for an otherwise identical 48 month lease should be .00175 and 47%. LFS base lease acquisition fee is currently $600. I don't believe that it charges a disposition fee.

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  • Thanks Car_Man. Great service your performing and best site I've seen on the web so far.

    Is this a good offer?

    2007 RX350 AWD w/ NAV
    MSRP $45683
    Sell price $40450
    MF .00185
    Residual 58%
    12K lease/36mons
    Monthly $501.75
    Tax upfront(7%) $1320.06
    Due at signing: $2898.51

    The Money Factor from LFS on this board is .00175, but the dealer is quoting .00185 for LFS. The numbers don't add up when I plug into my lease calculator. $501.75 sounds too low.

    I'll be heading into the lion's den tonight so if anyone has any advice, please post ASAP.

  • Ok. I got the following deal

    MSRP $45683
    Base Cap $40353
    MF .00175
    Residual %58
    Monthly $501.75
    Due at Signing $2898 (includes tax,1st mon, Bank fee(I know), MV fees.
  • Hi.

    My local Lexus dealer gave me the following figures for a 2007 RX350 FWD, premium plus, navigation, heated seats, 18-inch tires:

    MSRP: $44,306
    Sell Price: $42,100 +TTL = $45,030
    36 month/12K lease
    Monthly choices: $780 with $0 down, 1st month due at signing; or $699 with $2641 down plus 1st month's payment

    No other details were given (MF, residual). This seems way off from the other lease offers I am seeing here.

    Can someone help me figure out what is going on with this deal??

  • What is wrong with that is the sell price. people have been getting 41,200 or even lower.

    the formula is pretty simple

    Take the sell price + residual factor ( in your case 58% of the MSRP) then times that by the money factor .00175 if you have Tier 1+ credit (about a 730 or higher) if you have Tier 1 then you use a money factor of .00185.

    Ok, you take that number then

    take the sell price minus the residual factor divided by 36

    add the two numbers together and then you have your lease basic cost.

    If you say put 2500 down, you are basically subtracted from sell price. so if it was 42,000 for example, now you put in 39,500.

    So, the sale price will dictate a lot.

    it took me 5 or 6 dealers to finally get a price that I liked.
  • Thanks for the quick reply and good info.

    Am I doing something wrong with the math? I come up with about $571 as a monthly payment with $0 down (based on the figures given) rather than $780 using Tier 1+ credit.

    If I am figuring it right, my Lexus dealer would seem to be making a nice profit on such a deal.

    Thanks again!
  • Working on Leasing a new 2007 RX350...FWD, Premium+, NAV
    MSRP: 44,125
    Residual: 57%
    MF: 1.2% (I didn't understand what this meant)

    Went to the dealership, found the car, and tried to negotiate with the dealer, but he said he would not negotiate the purchase price of a leased vehicle. I then got an email from him reiterating his stance (added below). Looking for 1) How to respond 2) what a good target for negotiating price would be 3) what 1.2% meant for the money factor.
    Thanks for any help....chad

    Email from dealer
    Good morning Chad,

    I thank you for your correspondenceand hope you had a nice weekend.

    I am a bit confused on your intent because leasing is all about payment becuase you are not purchasing the vehicle, the bank is.
  • dannylydannyly Posts: 14
    I just leased my RX350 FWD Premium with Navi in Miami.
    Here's the deal I got over the internet.

    MSRP: $44,125
    Cap cost: $39,500
    Residual: 57%
    MF: .00175
    Terms: 36mo/12K
    Lease: $539/mo with $800 inception cost

    I don't know if it was a good deal but that's the best I found down here in south Florida. I just wanted to post my numbers because it helped so much reading this thread. Is the calculations correct. For some reason when I did it, it was different from the Lexus finance guy (on his computer).

  • Hi CarMan, group!

    How does this deal look:
    RX350 w/ Premium, NAV
    MSRP: $45,683
    Cap cost: $42,183 (Discounted $3,500 off list)
    Residual: 48% (is this right?)
    MF: .00175
    Term: 48mo/12K
    Lease: $534/mo. + Tax/Fees/First-Month up-front.

    I can't help but think they can do better on the sale price, but they tend to sell fast inside the beltway. Also, How does the Totyota/Lexus MSD program work? The salesman was reluctant to explain the details (" won't make much of a difference"). How many deposits can I make?

    I calculated five MSDs (at $550/mo.) to be $2,750 deposited, which (at .00010 each) would bring the MF down to .00125 and my payment down to $502 (Goal!). Making 14% a year by letting them hold $2,750 sounds good to me...
  • Maybe someone can help us both out...what I get is:
    Residual: 44,125 * .57 = 25151.25

    (39500 - 25151.25)/36 = 343.02
    (39500 + 25151.25) * .00157 = 109.64

    Of course this is not including any TTL, but how can I be that far off? Can someone please correct me?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Assuming $39,500 is just the selling price, and not the total cap cost, since he only has $900 OOP, you might have:

    Acquisition fee $20/mo.
    Dealer fee (padding) $15/mo.
    Money factor (.00175, not .00157) $5/mo.
    Tax $35/mo.

    That just about does it.... When you are only amortizing extra costs over 36 months, it adds up fast..


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  • dannylydannyly Posts: 14
    Sorry KYFDX,

    I don't get the calculations. Do you always have to pay acquisition? I got them to get rid of the dealer fee.

  • You're very welcome, mxv2003. Lexus Financial Services' new October buy rate lease money factor for the 2007 RX 350 is .00163 for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier. Make sure to have the dealer you are working with use this factor to calculate your truck's monthly payment. The selling price that you were quoted for this truck appears to be very close to dealer invoice, which is an excellent deal.

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  • Congratulations on your new truck, mxv2003. You got an outstanding deal. Enjoy!

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