2001 Ford Ranger

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Take a look at the new 2000/2001 Ford Ranger.
The 4.0 SOHC 200HP/240ft/lbs of torque V6 will
also be availble! About time Ford.


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    Nice looking truck. Maintains the traditional Ranger lines, but with an updated look. However, I'm not sure I like the color-keyed bumpers and wheel flairs. I prefer chrome front and rear bumpers with black flairs for more of a contrast. Hopefully, different trim levels wil be available. I do like the bed extender feature. That's a good idea. Of course, the most obvious upgrade is the SOHC 4.0L V6. I am very anxious to test drive a Ranger or B-Series with this engine. BUT IT HAS TO HAVE A MANUAL TRANSMISSION!!! I have heard it will, but I have also heard that it won't. I pray that FORD makes the right decision on this one... Has anyone heard of any problems with the SOHC? I believe it has been in the Explorer since '97. Some of the postings in the SUV room indicated a problem with the cam tensioner. There are lots of Explorers in the parking lot at work. I'll have to ask around..
    I currently drive a '99 B3000 4WD extended cab with a manual tranny. I really like the truck. But I would certainly take a serious look at the new Ranger or B-Series with the SOHC if I can get the right combinations of trim/options. Now the waiting begins...
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    According to the following site, the 5sp manual WILL be available with the 4.0L SOHC:


    The monochromatic paint that you see in the pictures is apparently only for the "Edge" version of the Ranger, so I guess chrome-bumper versions will still be available in XL/XLT trims. Also, 4-wheel ABS will be standard "across the board".

    Looks good!

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    EXCELLENT LINK!!! Thank you for the info. Good to hear the the 5-speed manual will be offered. I can't wait to drive this truck!!!
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    Yes, I agree the new 2001 looks good. I'm interested to see what kind of MPG the SOHC 4.0L can generate--if it can beat the 18/23 generated by the current 3.0L OHV 4x2. The 2000 Explorer with this engine is only good for 16/20, but I'd get the Ranger with a manual tranny and it is much lighter to boot. So maybe 18/23+ is a possibility.

    According to the blueovalnews.com page (linked in #4), there's also a new I4 coming in November offering "improved power, performance, fuel
    economy and emission levels". Since I'm not sure I need 4x4, I'd definitely consider the I4 if it gets 140-150HP. This should definitely be possible with a large OHC (2.2-2.4L) I4. An engine like this should offer performance roughly on par with the current 3.0L OHV 4x2--and much better MPG. 24/30 (vs. current 22/27 for the 2.5L OHV) would be great!


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    I posted a question over in the Exploring the
    Explorer II room asking how owners liked the SOHC 4.0L engine. A couple of responders indicated that their highway mileage is 20-22 MPG. Not bad for an Automatic Transmission in a heavier SUV. Mate this engine with a 5-spd manual in the lighter Ranger, and the MPG should be pretty respectable...
  • xena1axena1a Member Posts: 286
    Sorry for the double post...
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    Anyone know when the 2001 will be for sale..
  • xena1axena1a Member Posts: 286
    Haven't heard anything about the 2001 Ranger availability. I can't wait to drive the truck with the SOHC and 5-spd manual. Waiting, waiting, waiting...
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    Does anyone know where I can get any information about the ford ranger 2001 crew cab that will be similar to the Nissan version of this year.

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    I don't believe Ford is going to make the Ranger into a crewcab, it has the Xterra to fill that niche. Last I read was the 2001 Ranger was going to be availabe sometime in November. I also read the SOHC V6 may come a bit later because of production reasons. This engine is used in the very populer Explorer also. Now they are going to put it in the very popular Ranger.
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    I had heard that ranger made a crewcab for European production already and would offer it in the U.S. in 2001. Maybe my source was incorrect. Why do you think that Nissan, Toyota,and Chevrolet are getting into the compact crewcab truck market and ford is not?
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    'bout time ranger gets more horses. i guess i can wait since i waited and it turns out i can't get myself like the new sport trac that much. now, does anyone know if it will have ABS/discs on all four wheels and some real 4x4 tires?
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    one resone... they have the Explorer sport track.. no need to double up ...
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    Great - a Ranger with the same crummy motor as the Explorer. Way to go Ford. More crap and higher prices for 2001. Don't get suckered into a Ranger unless you love repair shop waiting rooms. But hey, they'll be plenty of Explorer folkes there with you so you can brag about how great Ford quality is. I'll never buy a Ford again that's for sure. Junk on wheels. They don't call it Fix Or Repair Daily for no reason.
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    Fine, so don't buy a Ford. It really makes no difference to me one way or the other. But do us all a favor and keep your hissy fits over in the ZR2 vs Ranger room where they belong...
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    This is coming from a guy who owns the worst compact truck on the market an S-10! LOL.
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    Looking at the 2001 Ranger, I don't see any BODY style differences from the 2000 (other than the front/back). The picture at blueovalnews.com of the interior of the Edge looks just like my 2000. Is this a total redesign or just an update?
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    Looks like an update, not a redesign. But the big news is the availability of the +200HP SOHC 4.0L V6 and, according to blueovalnews.com, a new 2.3L OHC 4-cyl in November. Finally, some decent engines! Now if they'd only drop in the 200HP DOHC 3.0L V6 from the Taurus instead of the current 150HP 3.0L OHV.

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    Trucks need torque not HP!! These overhead cam engines are nice and high tech but take a close look at the HP/Torque curves. The Torque is there much quicker with a pushrod engine rather than the multivalvers, overheadcammers that need time to wind up!
    Ford is coming out with a couple of new engines for the Ranger over then next couple of years.
    I believe the body is the only difference in the 2001 Ranger. The front grill area/hood/ and rear are new. I also have to say, Its about time!
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    Ford had to update their engines. With the Toyota 3.4, Chevy 4.3, Nissan 3.3 competition is great isn't it! I am hearing rumors of a 5cylinder Ford engine in the very near future.
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    Cool. Can't wait to hear more about it...

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    I read at Blueovalnews.com that there will be a new inline 2.8L 5 cyl. engine in the Ranger by 2003.
  • dannygdannyg Member Posts: 131
    Drat. A new I5 engine in 2003 doesn't help me too much now. I guess that leaves the new 4.0L SOHC V6, the new 2.3L OHC I4, and the good ol' 3.0L OHV V6 for model-year 2001.

    If the 2.3L is good enough, I guess I'll wait around until the fall to trade in my 1985 Ranger. Particularily if it can hit 29-30mpg with the 5sp. That's a solid 6-7mpg better than a 2wd 3.0L 5sp.

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    Ford wouldn't do it. They don't have the
    balls to do it. Think about it! Why would they
    put a 3.0 200 hp engine with better gas mileage
    then a 4.0 outdated 200 hp engine in the same
    lineup. I am interested in the 2001 Ranger
    because I will by a pickup in Aug. 2001 when
    clearances come on. I worry about Ford reliability though especially about there
    trannys. I like Fords but question them. Take
    toyota for example. They do have a premium
    product, along with a premium price but when
    it comes down to it, I want a vehicle that has
    the ability to perform and age GRACEFULLY. I
    don't want to go to the shop all the time.
    Even the taco has a dohc v6 (i think) why
    can it haul more then a bigger displacement
    ford 4.0?
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    Looks like Ford is having some real trouble with the new R4 Manual Transmission for the 2001 Ranger.


    Man, I hope they get these problems resolved...
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    I was reading on blueovalnews.com that if they don't get this new tranny working they would use an older one, the "R1HD", that could handle 245 lb.\ft. of torque. What happens if you do some modifications to the engine to give it more than 245 lb.\ft. of torque??
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