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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • Looking to lease an '09 E350W4. Black, Black MB Tex, P01 package (HD, voice navigation, satellite radio, iPod inter., etc), sport package.

    With no haggling this is the offer:
    Cost: 57,825
    Selling: 53,625
    cash: 2000
    12,000mi for 36mo.
    $790 mo

    What should I do?
  • 1985mb1985mb Posts: 60
    There are some decent deals on 5 series as they clear out MY08 inventory incl. free premium package or some other OC (option credit). You can also get lower MF if you or anyone in your household qualify for owner loyalty. Not to mention that performance-wise, the 535i/Xi is streets ahead of the E350
  • About to close on a 09 E350 w/ p1, designo burl walnut, sport pkg, Iridum silver metallic

    MSRP: $56,505
    Selling Price $49,000
    $7,505 off msrp

    not sure yet on purchase or lease. but I think the % off looks good. any thoughts...
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    jaybird12 - Sounds like a decent deal. In this crazy environment with residuals fluctuating, I would highly recommend leasing as long as you drive between 10K - 15K miles per year. If you need any help with dealer recommendations, please feel free to send me an email at
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    landonmae - You can definitely do better. Where are you located?
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 150
    How much better? I am looking to get the E350 2009. I ordered the car from Germany. How much more do you think I can get off? $10000?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    "How much better? I am looking to get the E350 2009. I ordered the car from Germany. How much more do you think I can get off? $10000"

    Don't worry about what other said about the price that you should shoot for. It is all internet b.s. The key is that price are local.. Someone may get a great deal in LA with 8-10 dealership within 1 hour driving. But if you are in a small town with only one dealer, there is no way you can match the price that someone can get in LA. So when someone tell you that you can do better, unless they live in the same town as you, it is meaningless. Just shop around you local area and get the best price you can. Once you have the lowest price within your area, you can check experience of others in LA and decide if flying to LA and buy a car is worthwhile for you or not..
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 150
    I am in LA. The thing is back in JuLY when people here were getting employee pricing, I asked several local dealers about that and they just rejected it saying "you will never get employee pricing since you are not a employee. Do you know of a good aggressive dealer in LA?
  • I got a quote for 09 E350 , silver with ash , P1 package , sport pkg , ipod integration,glass sunroof msrp $56245
    33 month lease at $2000 down , 535.00 a month (after taxes) , 10000 miles/year ..
    any advice is appreciated . thank :confuse: s
  • What are the september lease rates for E350? FOR 27 MONTHS 33 MONTHS 39 MONTHS? Also are their any dealer incentives this month
  • Dowtown LA Motors was phenomenal when i leased an ML350 last year. Not sure if it's the same internet people. Bev Hills Mercedes guy was good, too, but he didn't have the car i wanted. I recommend sending inquiries thru Edmonds within a 50 mile radius. You'll find the most cars and get lots of quotes. Some dealers outside LA will give great just have to like the options and colors
  • sounds very good deal, dannyben. I would really appreciate if you share the dealership and location. Thanks.
  • I heard from 2 DEALERS today that MBUSA is going to increase the MSRP on all cars and SUVS by 5% starting October. Invoice will also be increased by 5% as well. They said this is due to the $ going down due to the economy. Has anyone heard this? Since 2 dealers are saying this I figured this is true.
  • wigboxwigbox Posts: 1
    i am turning in a 2006 E350 and it was a nice car. i missed the sept money factor and now oct is a bit higher. i am looking for a car without the premium package as i don't need NAV at all. this is a quote i got, can anyone tell me where i can negotiate. the money factor and resid can;t be touched of course and i have a low mileage quote based on my last lease. what do you think?

    2009 Mercedes Benz E350W.

    E350W Black/Cashmere MB Tex, Standard Lthr Str Wheel/Shift Knob, 321 Sport Pkg,
    Glass Sunroof., Black Birdseye Maple Wood Trim.

    MSRP $52,775
    Your price $43,800

    The lease numbers look like this: 36 Months, 7500 miles per year, $2179 Total Drive Off's
    w/a payment of $533 plus tax = $577 Inc Tax.

    MF .00110 Residual 52%
  • My 2006 E350 39 mo. lease will end in a couple of months. I opted for extra miles and will be right on the 49,000 mile allowance at lease end. Car has lots of options including leather, sirius and navigation and has had excellent care. Maybe I'll get a 2009 with the great deals or maybe I'll keep my '06.

    Purchase option at lease end is $33,000 which seems high. Dealer has an identical certified pre-owned on his lot for $32,000 with 25,000 less miles!

    I heard MB doesn't negotiate residual which doesn't sound like good business sense to me if they can't sell it even close to the residual.

    Any ideas?

  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 266
    I am not sure about MB, but my BMW dealer offered to buy my car (lease end this month) at a special price available for them (probably based on recent auction prices) and selling it back to me. The difference between the residual value and sale price was about $10K. So check auction prices and speak to your dealer. They may help. One thing is for sure MB does not want your car back.
  • c32manc32man Posts: 1
    What do you think??

    2009 E350
    MSRP $56,195.00
    36 Months/12K
    $2,800 out of pocket
    $699.00 payment

  • I just got an E350 + P01 + Sport pack + Panorama roof + Iridium Grey (MBTex)
    MSRP $57245
    Neg price $47013
    15K miles/year
    36 mths
    Residual ?48%
    $715 inc tax + $3000 drive off
    Also took last two payments of my CLK total $1300

    MB of Encino, CA

    Hope that helps.
  • Does anyone know anything about this mpnth's MB MVP Program being secretly offered up to select clients which can save you $200+ per month on an E or ML Class vehicle? It seems select dealers can get their hands on the numbers and give their clients an unfair edge over the general public. Any info would be appreciated.
  • >I just got an E350 + P01 + Sport pack + Panorama roof + Iridium Grey (MBTex)
    >MSRP $57245
    >Neg price $47013
    >15K miles/year
    >36 mths
    >Residual ?48%
    $715 inc tax + $3000 drive off
    Also took last two payments of my CLK total $1300

    Isn't the negotiated price much less than the invoice price? Is that true for 2009 models also?

  • This is a 2009 model. They seem to be discounting heavily (?last model year.)
  • jamby1jamby1 Posts: 9
    Mr. Carman....I noticed in another forum that Mercedes is offering $5500 cash incentives on the '09 CLK convertible. Are there any incentives for March '09 on the '09 E350 Sport 4Matic sedan? thank you
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Excellent question, jamby1. Mercedes-Benz is currently providing a $4,000 cash incentive on leases of the 2009 E350 Sedan 4Matic through Mercedes-Benz Financial. Make sure to take this cash into account when negotiating the capitalized cost of the car that you want.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi sflease. Mercedes' current lease program is scheduled to run through April 30th. Having said this, many manufacturers that have incentives program that run throughg the 30th have already extended them through May 4th. I would not be surprised if Mercedes did the same thing. If so, then its new May lease program won't be out until the 5th.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Car_Man:

    Do you know of any special May promotions for leases on the E350? I'm also interested in the current money factor and residual on a 7500 mile/year lease with 36 months.

    Thanks for all of your help!

  • briandcbriandc Posts: 9
    Can I get some help and advice on the following lease quote. I'm thinking about the 48 month lease, but it feels a little expensive. Any thoughts on where I can negotiate? Thanks

    MSRP $58,275
    Gross Cap Cost $53,315 (includes Doc fee of $220 and Acquisition fee of $995)
    Cap Cost reduction: $1,016.85 paid by me as part of $2,000 down payment
    4 year lease $652.31 plus RI sales tax [not property tax which is separate] of $45.66
    total monthly $697.97
    3 year lease including same state tax = $797.
    Adj residual on 4 year lease $23,310
    7500 miles per year
    Money factor/Rate = .00064
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    DO NOT BUY THIS that price!!!

    Briandc, they are totally taking advantage of you, do not walk, RUN AWAY from it. Currently there is a $6000 rebate on the car alone, and dealers were given another $4000 per car as a fleet sales promotion. So you should get a discount of 6k alone on in chicago, i was offered RIGHT off the bat, 10k on the car. This car is being replaced within weeks, with a new model, for them to offer only 5k off the msrp is a slap on the face, they are totally trying to take advantage of you. Id start with 14k off, and maybe go up to 12k off at the minimum you would take. I hope others will chime in with there experience, but please dont get taken advantage of like that. The Aquisition Fee, is $795 from MB financial, they are also overcharging you there as well. Overall, they are overcharging you in every aspect. :mad:
  • briandcbriandc Posts: 9
    I really appreciate the information. The $10k you were offered, was that on a lease or purchase? BTW - with one email exchange today, they took $7,500 off the MSRP. Still not enough. I will keep you posted. Thanks again
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    :) Briandc,

    I was offered finally, $12.5k off on car they had on the lot, but i went with p1 4matic, sport. It was for a lease, keep in mind, this was TWO months ago. You should be able to do much better, The car is only getting older, and new model days away. If they dont even come close to 12k off, walk with someone else. I mean most dealers are trying to get rid of them, but it seems, this particular dealer still wants to take advantage of you. Read the posts on previous pages, to see what kind of lease deals others are getting, and you'll see 10k off seems to be a minimum. dont cave, hold out for the best offer! :)
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